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Every year on this day, I make a post in memory & celebration of my little sister's birthday. I started this tradition way back in the days of G+ and it's carried along the decades.

On this day, I encourage people to hug a tree in her memory because Jenny was a huge fan of trees; a love that i've always shared with her.

Oaks were her favorites, but any tree will do.

Happy Birthday... we miss you, Jenny πŸ’š

It was a dark and random night at Hypertwin Manor.
Suddenly there was a loud bang!
"You dropped something."
"I blame :ghost_pip:​." other words, another Tuesday.

...which was most peculiar, because it was Sunday, but whaddyagonna do.

Happy @Harena's birthday! πŸŽ‚ πŸŽƒ :kestraglow:​

I think maybe she turns 12 this year? Or was thinking about it. I'm advising against.

this caturday, think like a cat :blobcat3c:

have things to do?

don’t do them :netkitty_w:

just flop and relax :blobmiou:

this is my advice for today

Oh, so you can do abstract static functions in . Why did I think that wasn't a thing?

Escalated to "suspend" by popular acclaim/recommendation.

cc: @js2000 @alice_meows @dredmorbius

(Hmm, a bcc: feature would be kinda nice, wouldn't it.)

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Does anyone happen to know where in the Masto or GlitchSoc code the instructions shown at the top of this screenshot are kept, so that they can be modified? I need to put in a link to our new warning about Microsoft's email servers being chronically rude to me.

There's also a "re-send confirmation" page, to which it would be nice to be able to add a brief note and link as well.

Instance silenced: -- TrΓΆmpism (user is the instance admin)

Maybe I should have done a hard block so they can't follow people here? Advice welcome., Masto, don't change the capitalization to all lowercase for no apparent reason

I'm always saying "things have been extra busy lately", but really this time they actually have! I swear!...

Dealt with dentist stuff last week. Much thanks to the kind folks whose contributions took care of that little nightmare expense.

Mel, @Harena 's eldest, landed a job in Savannah. It starts next month. He flew down last week and found a place; he's back now, slowly packing stuff.... and we literally just now finished planning the move-in trip and booking a hotel, for the night of Nov. 3. So that's happening.

I'm taking Daisy (aka 2010: A Honda Odyssey) to the mechanic early tomorrow for an oil-change and checkup.

A certain dear Hypertwin Friend also got a high-level IT job recently, after years of privation and abuse, and... I try not to get too excited for them, because I'm still afraid for them that something will still go wrong, but still: good stuff, happening, in 2021. Who knew.

There's also a faint possibility of another good thing happening but it's fallen through before so I'm trying not to let it take up too much space in my brain yet.

Also: it turns out there's actually a use for wingnuttery on Nextdoor: my battles against it drew some more sensibly-minded local folks out of the woodwork, and H&I have become friends with two of them (Jane and Meg). We've met IRL and had hours of quite enjoyable conversation. Planning another meeting, and also trying to plan a get-together with another nice semi-local person found via Mastodon. (What, me? Social?)

Oh, and one of my recordings was featured on The Soundtrack of Now, Chapter 8 (starting at 6:20).

Is that everything? Probably not, but it'll do for now...

temporal inflation: the phenomenon whereby any given span of time becomes less productive the more things you need to cram into it

hey guize I haz refactored Cat

iz now moar orgamized and sytematical

may include breaking changes, be sure to unit-test all ur cat code

Here's another early experimental recording.

The track with the melody (Moog Opus 3 played through key-tuned filter on Moog Rogue) on it got overwritten by another take (a mistake I learned to avoid), but I found a decent cassette mix of it and synched that with another source to give me four tracks to work with for producing the final mix.

I hereby declare that "exceptions" should be called "hissy fits".

...or else "throw" should be called "take", instead... but at least right now, throwing a hissy fit about an error feels more satisfying than just taking exception to it.

...because, WTF, my code that I wrote, what are you even doing.

Media software which assumes you just want it to search all of your hard drives for media and make it all available, rather than asking you where to look (preferably with a nice GUI "open folder" dialog box).

Lookin' at you, music player and also .

I mean, come on guize -- I have a lot of audio and video that isn't really stuff I want on my jukebox. Not because it's embarrassing or anything (though I can certainly imagine scenarios), but just because it's not entertainment.

Scanning through all that could take hours, if not days... whereas the stuff I want to include is only a few tens of gigabytes in a few specific folders.

(Dishonorable mention to , which does the same thing with eBooks.)

Words I invented within the last 12 hours:

  • classarchy: in coding, a hierarchy of classes, traits, and interfaces that all work together
  • nicemare: being trapped in the company of people who are unrelentingly performative of niceness without necessarily meaning it
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