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Is it just me, or is the way that handles permissions kinda messed-up?

It wants you to run it as a regular user, so it won't create stuff that has permission problems for that user, but it also needs to do stuff as root, for which it will ask you for that user's password in order to invoke sudo.

...even if that user doesn't and shouldn't have sudo privs.

...and it doesn't give you the option of changing to root instead, or to another user who does have sudo privs.

I mean, shouldn't those two types of operations -- (a) stuff that affects the system and (b) stuff that's supposed to remain under the user's control -- be, like, separate operations??

When connecting to a new IMAP account that's full of folders, apparently it doesn't automatically "subscribe" to any except the inbox...

...and you have to manually choose all of them, one at a time. There's no way to "select all", and selecting a folder does not select any of the folders underneath that (even if the folder is collapsed).

You can't even use the keyboard to make the process go faster. The ⬇️ key does move the highlight down, but the [space] key doesn't select, and [enter] just submits what you've done so far.

My grandma used to insist on leaving the eggs out on the counter, so they could "breathe".

It was really just eggs aspirating.

Virtual Hosting Wish List

  1. ability to download or upload snapshots and backups
  2. optional team management of all resources
  3. ability to seamlessly transfer resources between teams and individual ownership

@digitalocean does #2 okay, but falls down flat on 1 and 3 -- with no sign of any plans to implement them.

Does anyone know if any other virtual hosting services offer these features?

TFW they tell you "this thing is deprecated and will be unavailable after $time" but don't tell you what you should be doing instead.

(Lookinatchoo, apt-key.)

I'd totally offer to take over as maintainer of Tenacity (fork of ), because fsck 4chan with a rusty butter-knife, but I'm not sure how or exactly what's involved.

job-hunting meta question (Twitspace crosspost) 

Something I've been wondering lately, and maybe those of you with experience in IT jobhunting or jobfilling can tell me.

When a job posting says that the job requires X years of experience with some relatively obscure package (e.g. a particular web front-end framework), do they usually mean that literally?

Like, maybe I'm 95% sure I could learn that package in short order, especially if there were other people around me using it, but I don't have any actual experience with it -- or maybe even worked with it a couple of times, but not for a whole X years...

...or maybe even if I used it several times, on occasions which might span X years or more, but if you add up the number of days on which I used it, it might come to just a week or two...

...should I even bother applying?

Where's the dividing line?

How do you even calculate "years of experience" when you don't use something every single work-day of a 40-hour work-week over a 50-week work-year?

How do most people deal with these ambiguities? (...especially in IT, where ambiguity is... something to be avoided at all costs.)

(crossposted from the Twitternets)

Saw a client today who's 70 and has been out as gay for his entire adult life, who I would describe as aroace and in a qpr for the past 30 years. Felt extremely rad having that reminder that these identies aren't new and to have that connection with the past.

It was also cool to be like "oh, yeah my generation has a term for that" when he mentioned the awkwardness of explaining the relationship. He was really excited to hear about the term!!

unhoused residents of Atlanta declare Homeless Union 

Press release:

The Atlanta Homeless Union is currently occupying the grounds at City Hall and facing mass arrests.

Their demands are for Housing, Healthcare, at A Seat at the Table. You can donate to Atlanta Solidarity Fund to help comrades targeted by police.

#atlanta #georgia #homeless #union #housing #healthcare #solidarity

Please boost to spread the word.

Mastodon feature I would like: a flag for "No more replies to the original post are necessary/desired, e.g. the question has been answered."

This suggestion for how to change the bookmark color in isn't working for me... nor do there seem to be any tooltips about how the colors are applied, as one person claimed.


My head is floating down from the spider-haunted clouds, which means I looked at the recent news I've been ignoring.

I put together an article on RAM timing numbers -- anyone who actually knows about this stuff, please feel free to offer suggestions/corrections. ^.^

A lot of non-Indigenous people around the world are struggling to handle the information coming out of Canada about the residential school program.

Below is a list of resources for learning about the program and closely related topics.

While the unmarked graves may be a shock to many, that is because of the systemic erasure of Indigenous peoples and their voices. It is the intention of the social order to hide this information, and so incumbent on its members to educate themselves. The resources below are *first steps*. There is so much more to learn, and people are bringing new stories every day, because the ethnocide, and resistance against it, still continue each day.



The work of non-Indigenous people now is to share these voices among yourselves (boost this post), and figure out your own relationships to these events. How does your life intersect with the foster care system, the prison complex, the theft of indigenous land? Those answers can't come from a book, but books can be great tools for finding them.


Working to help settler-colonials educate themselves is labour, and doing it now feels extra heavy. Consider giving:$emsenn0

(To those who have kept your recurring donations active even though I haven't been posting: thank you! That's been my grocery money as I get back on my feet after the recent displacement.)

Yes, I am the sort of person who will disassemble and oil the motor on a half-broken $10 laptop cooling base rather than buy another one. Why do you ask? [innocent]

I'll compose a highly performant library with JavaScript, see if I can compile their IP hub...

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