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Also, why does it seem to be a universal thing that "account nicknames" can't have the colon character in them? Why restrict what you can put in a nickname??

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NHS survey for improved LGBT+ inclusion, trans especially: having a baby 

"The study is already live but so far we are struggling with trans representation and we are reaching out to you in the hope that you could share our short study with members of your community."

“NHS.UK need help to make our information about having a baby more LGBT+ inclusive. If you identify as LGBT+ you can help us by participating in a 10-minute study. (Please note that the study will be much easier to do on desktop, laptop, or tablet than on mobile). Please follow this link to complete our confidential study: "

Gotta love it when an app sets tight password restrictions but won't tell you what's wrong with the password you've selected.

  • 8-12 characters in length (why only 12??)
  • ≥ 1 uppercase
  • ≥ 1 lowercase
  • ≥ 1 number
  • ≥ 1 character from: !@$%^()_+~ (why no ? or space?)

I couldn't figure out why what I had entered was invalid... and then it turned out it was actually ok: the error message is, like, a one-way toggle and doesn't reset when you fix an error.

trans, request for info 

Does anyone have recommendations for readings i should send to parents of trans kids? It's been a while since I've thought about intro trans content, and the parent perspective is not something I'm familiar with.

Thanks in advance, boosts appreciated!

Collectivization is sometimes terrible, Decollectivization is always ter... via My latest video

We carried out a great big experiment in public health last year. It worked. Let's do it every year now!

🎵 here I am -- stuck in the middle with you 🎵

I made my first Tiktok!

So if you're on there, and you haven't heard my voice or seen my face in a while, please check it out and welcome me on the platform!

Or you know just boost because you're great like that 💞

#ADHD #tiktok #SpacedOut

cat ----- 

RIP @kestra, 2002-2021. :kestra::kestraglow:​🥀 🕯️


You can get a list of an object's methods with get_class_methods(), but it would be really really nice to get additional info along with each listing -- mainly the filename and line where the method is defined.

Ok, so, be straight (or gay, or pan, or whatever wiggles your guinea-pig) with me:

Why do people like Ruby on Rails?

Cynical answers are also okay, but I'm hoping to steelman my understanding of the mindset.

This is the 8th grade "Capstone Project" from my sister's younger kid:
Restaurant workers are often paid below a living wage, here's what you can do to help.

It's not exactly "burn down capitalism", but... baby steps. ^.^

@SetecAstronomy [hums "The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny" and/or "Particle Man" (user's choice)]

I had no idea it was so easy to crack a Win7 system -- without even using a LiveCD or anything.


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