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New account, new home, new introduction. I used to toot&boost at @cadadr.

One '90s kid from Turkey.

Within linguistics I mainly ❤️ sociolinguistics, phonology, & usage based grammars, in no particular order (but I'm currently working on an MA thesis on phonology of Turkish). Combining theoretical and experimental work is my jam.

I'm also interested in (teaching) computing in social sciences and fully open research & science.

Been fiddling with computers since I was 11. I mostly hack Elisp, Perl, Python, R and shell, but I'm a total proglang nerd and ❤️ learning about all langs. I'm also interested in declarative reproducible systems, like Guix and Nix.

Follows welcome but please read my profile first.

Me: O Deep MATE, great computer -- can you copy these 50 GB or so of files from one drive to another?
Me: [small sigh of relief]
Me: How long will it take?
Me: Seven and a half million years? Just to copy a few gigabytes???
Me: [eyes rsync]
Deep MATE: Oh wait, here, I can start copying now. IT WILL TAKE... FIFTY AND A HALF MINUTES!!!
Me: [quietly vows to go straight to Caja's source code with a very large axe compiler and give it a reprogramming it'll never forget... when I can get around to it... probably in about seven and a half million years]

Oh, I probably should have mentioned that I'm running Ubuntu 20.04 on both the drive and the stick.

The drive is a newly-purchased SSD which was working fine until I tried to muck with /etc/fstab -- but un-mucking it doesn't seem to help.

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Dear internets,

Haalp. What does it mean when a drive goes read-only when booted therefrom, and yet it appears just fine and dandy (and writeable) when you boot from a livestick and take a look at that same drive?

SMART reports no problems, fsck reports no problems.

Is there a diagnostic path for this?


Desperate in Durham (No Clue in NC)

"open file" dialogs that hide dot-files/folders and don't give you any option to key in a path manually

I'm not sure whose fault this is, but I encounter it trying to open a ssh keyfile in MySQL Workbench under .

Also... no right-click options at all?? That's ridiculous.

Right-clicking on the desktop should give you access to the display configuration.

(It used to, but I can't remember if this was under a Linux distro or Windows 98SE. Either way, current behavior -- which only gives you access to the wallpaper and other aesthetic stuff -- is a step backwards.)

owait, it didn't actually cancel; it just sent the copying dialog into the background. Ok.

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Also, when you can't copy one file (e.g. because it's a device and can't be copied), "skip all" should not mean "skip all the rest of the files even if you can copy them just fine". That operation is more commonly referred to as "cancel".

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"Cancel without requesting confirmation" should never be the default option when a key is pressed.

(lookin' at you, file-copying dialog box)

Please remain six feet apart in order to maintain your mental health.

Happy 4th Birthday ! 🎂 🎈

Our first toot was on this day in 2017.

bad devops humor 

Q: Why couldn't the user get the GPS to work?
A: He couldn't get route* access.
* you have to pronounce this "root", it's the rules

Q. Why was the sysop always spouting cheap philosophical points?
A. She was a sudo-intellectual.

Q. Why did the coder have to use fuzzy logic for all their branching?
A. They were nonbinary.

Q. What does a coder do when they don't have time for all their RSS feeds?
A. Subscribe to the reader's digest.

Q. What did the body-snatcher do when it couldn't find any more humans to replicate?
A. Start a podcast.

(I don't know where these all came from; I blame :ghost_pip:​.)

cc: @Harena @noelle @SetecAstronomy

possibly sensitive philosophical question 

Where's the line between cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation?

my #TDOV post on Nextdoor 

Today is international Trans Day of Visibility. I'm trans, so I thought I should be visible! Ask me anything (or "", as the kids say on Reddit). If I have enough to say in response, maybe we'll do a video!

Here's some background: I discovered I was trans in 2000, but didn't have the funds to begin transition until 2016. I met my cis-female / nonbinary partner Sandy* (on the left in the photo) in 2001, and we have lived together since ~2003 raising her kids from her last marriage.

Did You Know:

  1. Some people claim "cis" is a slur? It's not; it's just a scientific term that means "not trans".
  2. The "epidemic" of transitioning, especially among trans men, is largely due to the de-stigmatizing of transness in the last decade or so. This is a good thing.
  3. Gender is a social construct, and biological sex is a multidimensional continuum. Grade-school biology is accurate as far as it goes, but leaves out a lot of edge-cases; trans people are among those edge-cases.

Hopefully that's enough to get some friendly conversation started. ^.^

* better known here as @Harena

So far, all of the responses have been positive (names omitted for privacy):


I saw President Biden's statement this morning. So glad this administration supports all Americans. Thanks for your offer of sharing info!

I'm not actually sure what statement she's talking about, but ok!


While I can’t pretend to understand all of this, I celebrate your freedom to be who you are and hope for you a life free of judgement.


Thank you for sharing your lives & happiness. Understanding concepts of gender & sex from your perspective is so helpful, Woozle. At least we all can understand the words. "We don't have to agree on everything to be kind to each other." 💞

4 (same person)

For "binary" people, i.e. males & females with a "traditional" perspective, the meaning of words, especially "sex", "gender", and other kinship relations, also have important and valid but different physical, social, cultural and moral meaning(s). I hope we can all negotiate the distinctions in our views, and contextual uses of words and meanings over time, without acrimony. Peace be with you! 🙂🙃😍


Thanks for this post! As a parent of a child who has come out as Trans within the past year there’s a lot that I’m learning and I appreciate the awareness you are bringing to this topic.

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