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Food fund begpost (urgent) 

There’s a heavy winter storm coming within the next few day and I don’t have enough food to last stuck inside for the next few days. I would really appreciate it if anyone could donate to my food fund.

Venmo: journei-g
Cashapp: $journeigr

fundraising, mutual aid 

Goal: Rescue a floor loom and two knitting machines from a foreclosed house before it's cleaned out for sale and deliver them to a co-operative and autonomous zone in Chapel Hill.

call for moderator(s) is currently looking for one or two additional moderators. We think it's very important to have the lived experience of at least one Black mod on the team - while we currently have one Black advisor ("remote mod") from another instance, it would be fantastic if another person would join our team as part of!

#WeirderAdmin (1 of 3)

dark evil humor re aristocide 

I mean, I'll admit it's kind of a clever idea -- get all the rich retirees in once place, create a superspreader event which they'll spread to all their rich retiree friends -- and the only people who would care are the ones who don't believe in the pandemic anyway, so you get away with it clean. No guillotines needed, and it's self-selecting for willful ignorance.

I don't know if it's enough to really make a dent, though.

[Context: We used to get these regularly before the pandemic -- they're always for the purpose of attending some kind of information session on managing your finances and retirement, that sort of thing.]

uspol + 

Do you live in the US and like the idea of labor law reform and unions that might be able to get more shit done? Maybe you wanna pester your senator: This is the first labor law reform since the Taft-Hartley Act in the 1950s!

Some things I'd been thinking about for a long time finally came together in my head this morning...

Draft proposal -- The Software Development Corps: a non-profit co-operative in the public interest

Comments invited! ^.^

Serious answer to a rant. The rant deserves its space so this isn't a reply 

All oppression is connected, but something commonly overlooked by people like me who don't have experience with racial aspects of oppression is how our experiences of marginalization are secondary effects of anti-Black racism. Similar to the way that most homophobia and the policing of masculinity is by way of misogyny, policing of whiteness is accomplished through the threat that marginalized whites will be treated constructively the same as Black people if they fail to maintain complicity, so they center secondary effects even when they've appropriated the language of *structural* problems

happy birthweek to two of the best dragons on the fediverse and also in the world

for @chr :dragnheart:

I try to renew a Let's Encrypt cert which has expired.

The renewal fails because the validation file can't be accessed via http, for some reason

As far as I can tell, though, that should have worked (I can access files I create via http)

The certbot debug log never says specifically whether it succeeded at creating the validation file, nor does it seem to be leaving one in place... or even any of the folder-path. The .well-known folder doesn't even exist (until I create it, which of course doesn't solve the problem). WTF.

...and now I can't continue testing because I've exceeded Let's Encrypt's rate-limit.

GoFundMe, please boost 💛 

Hi everyone, please could you boost this for me. Even £1 helps. Thank you 💛

me snarking on Nextdoor 


Tony Bolony:

Uhmm. I am running away from censorship platforms. Is this a safe space bubble?


Don't worry, you're completely unsafe here. We will do our best to ensure that you feel threatened and microaggressed at all times.

Please let us know your preferred insults, and whether there's any particular unpleasant content you'd like to be exposed to without warning.


Chief Agitator
The Thought Mafia

Tony Bolony:

I like Woozle Staddon already 🤣


Is it wrong to give a masochist what they want?

Just so you don't think my tendency to is a recent thing, possibly due to becoming old middle-aged growned-up and cranky, here's one I wrote in 1997 as a mere stripling of 32!

One thing that drives me crazy on a regular basis is that well-known graphical user interface convention, the double click.

Certain screen widgets only respond to double clicks; however, the GUI (whether it be Windows, Mac, or Other) is pretty picky about the timing of these clicks, and I often find myself double-clicking over and over again with no response. Click too slowly, and the widget sees two single clicks -- it highlights itself and then goes back to sleep. Click too quickly, however, and some helpful code buried deep in the OS decides the mouse must have a dirty switch contact, and you really meant a single click. The OS may also be getting confused about which clicks are "paired"; e.g. was this click the second part of a double-click or the first part of the next double-click?

I could go off about how there ought to always be a way to adjust the minimum time (the “dirty single-click” ceiling) to accommodate users who click quickly sometimes and slowly other times, but really I think the whole double-click concept was poorly conceived in the first place. I'm convinced that GUIs ought to discard the double-click concept and instead respond to what I call state-based clicking.

So let's go back in time a little bit. We're designing the first GUI. We have widgets on the screen, and we have a mouse to point at them and a button to push (click). We find pretty quickly that there are two major things you might want widgets to do in response to a button push: select themselves (for inclusion in a set to be operated on by another control e.g. the keyboard or an application), or execute themselves (i.e. open a file or run a program).

So how do you signal which of two actions you want using only one button? Somebody decided that if you click twice in rapid succession, that should mean the more "active" of the two options, i.e. execute. Fair enough. But how about this: click once, the object selects itself. Click on a selected widget -- whether 0.025 seconds later or tomorrow morning -- and the widget executes.

Potential problem #1: what happens when you want to move a selected object? Possible solution: an object must not be selected before it is grabbed. If you accidentally select it first, de-select it by clicking anywhere else. Potential problem #2: what about dragging multiple widgets, which must be selected in order to be part of the drag-group? Solution: when more than one widget is selected, only dragging is possible.

I implemented this solution as part of a custom-made file-open dialog for an image processing program, and found it quite satisfactory. I never had to stop myself from clicking madly, wait a full second, and then carefully click in a deliberate and methodical way in order to load a file. (The other custom-made part was that the file dialog stayed open after the file was loaded -- but that's another rant.)

I'll be solving more of what's wrong with computers as time permits, and then we’ll start in on death and taxes. Happy clicking!

Bonus for those who read this far: here is the original, complete with deadname! ^.^

Mouse operations have obviously become a lot more complex since then, not to mention touchscreen stuff, but I always felt like we kind of went down the wrong path by making duration semantically significant in GUI interactions -- and the whole "press-and-hold" paradigm (now popular with power-switches and smartphones) feels like further digging in.

...but of course there are many more-obviously-terrible choices that computing has made since then, so this is kind of nitpicky anymore.

If you have to click outside of a drop-down or popup to make it go away, that same click shouldn't also trigger an action on what's behind it.

@nextcloud takes, like, half an hour just to scan for new changes in our main fileset. There's got to be a better way, surely? (provisional)

Survivor bias, mental health, people getting hurt, misc violent content, gendered violence 

thinking about survivor bias, where some guy thinks recent issues that people are now having discussions are "new" simply bc they didn't affect him

"in my day we didn't have mental illness. We just toughed it out." (but they did know a guy who seemed healthy and happy, then suddenly killed themselves "for no reason.")

🎵 It was 20 years ago today... 🎵

Today is the 20th anniversary of @Harena's first email to me ^.^ 💚 :scipio:

@crowlad It's a cat thing.. look uncomfortable but actually doing yoga.. Here's @Pip doing his version of it back in the day circa 2017 =^_^=

i don't know how she can be comfortable in this position but she's purring happily #mastocats

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