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Forbes: Nextcloud is delivering a serious punch to the face of megacorp cloud companies by offering what it calls "one-click migration" from OneDrive, Dropbox and Google services.

Listening to "Jazzman" by Carole King.

Suddenly it's summer 1975 again.


it really grinds my gears when developers decide that "refreshing" or "revamping" a user interface is a good idea.

fuck you. leave my UI alone.

me: [painstakingly copies entire .firefox folder from other machine]
Firefox: Hi, welcome to your new setup! Wanna import settings from somewhere?
me: Uh, you don't see the ones that are already there? Then ok, I guess so... import, plz.
Firefox: No programs that contain bookmarks, history or password data could be found.
Me: You didn't exactly ask me where to look for them. How about asking? Cuz all the data is literally in your profile folder right now.

This always happens. I think it's probably part of the scam to get everyone to sign up for Firefox Sync, which I refuse to use on principle since they now force you to connect to their server instead of allowing 3rd-party servers.

It's Toot Cat! Courtesy of Neko Atsume =^_^=

oops, not quite

2020, 24* hour s to go-o-o --
I wanna be sedated!

...but then I woke up and it's still 2020.

* more like 38, but whatever

It's annoying the way inheriting traits in doesn't confer parentage.

Like... if trait B uses trait A which has function X() which is re-implemented in B, B can't call parent::X(); you have to alias it in the use statement and call the alias... or else split off the functionality you want them both to have in common into a separate function, and call that from each version of X().

(The latter technique is kind of good, in a way, since it forces you to be more descriptive and compartmental in your functions... but then why not make class inheritance work the same way?)

(albeit minor)

Mutual aid request, also let's prove some assholes wrong 

Hey my chum is having a tough time, she's short on her rent. And to make it even more stressful and unpleasant, when she asked for help with that, she got random abuse for it so she felt awful and deleted the post.

I'd love to be able to help her, firstly, pay the rent but also send a message that there's nothing wrong with asking for help like this. The broken system isn't her individual fault.

#MutualAid #NoShame

Medical, advice + and boosts + 

Does anyone else suffer with angular cheilitis?

I usually manage to clear it up pretty quickly but I've had it for 5 weeks now and it won't go away. I've tried everything! (Antibiotic ointment, fungal ointment, iron tablets, vaseline, keeping it clean etc)

My father in law is a GP and says sometimes it can just last this long but I'm getting so stressed with it I'll try anything

@eryn it's wild to me that people don't get this

like duh people are stealing food and baby items, we're all trying to survive and keep our children alive, what else are we gonna do when no help is given to us??

all necessities should be free

Once upon a time, he gamboled quickly through the stream and along the spaceship. The hideous slime slipped sinuously into the nuclear power facility and out of the fence. "Great arthritic rodental distribution centers!", they exclaimed.

The End.

police, abuse mention 

Anyone know any good resources for dealing with psychopaths without going to the cops?

afaik, this is an open problem within anarchist and activist spaces in general. There are books and training seminars to prevent and respond to unhealthy group dynamics, but what is there for someone more isolated responding to an abuser?

Good morning world and all the great people and cats on it! :blobcathearts: :blobcathug:

It was confusing as fork, but I think I finally managed to get ownership (rather than just having some admin control) of the domain -- just in time for the 2nd anniversary of my adminship. Woot!

christmas cat 

I told my cat that santa was coming last night and she was probably going to get some of her favorite wet food. Flash forward to this morning at like 4am, and she started screaming for me to get up, jumping up and down on me, knocking things off counters just to wake me up because santa came.

hard data, shyte that's royally fooked, finance/capitalism, poll 

finances for anyone below the 10%~15% mark:

Show of hands.

Who here is shocked?

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