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The right has long held that homelessness is a symptom - of a lack of self-control, a lack of foresight, of addiction, mental illness, etc - and therefore the solution to it is training, incarceration, rehab, or rigid discipline.

None of this stuff worked.


New heart emoji set with 18 pride flags :100Pride:.

:HeartAce: HeartAce
:HeartAgender: HeartAgender
:HeartAromantic: HeartAromantic
:HeartAutism: HeartAutism
:HeartBisexual: HeartBisexual
:HeartBlackTrans: HeartBlackTrans
:HeartEnby: HeartEnby
:HeartGenderfluid: HeartGenderfluid
:HeartGenderqueer: HeartGenderqueer
:HeartIntersex: HeartIntersex
:HeartLesbian: HeartLesbian
:HeartMaleHomosexual: HeartMaleHomosexual
:HeartPansexual: HeartPansexual
:HeartPolyamory: HeartPolyamory

Toot: 1/2

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Is there a design document anywhere for Mastodon?

[imagines the distant sound of hysterical laughter]

I wonder how difficult it would be to hack in order to make exactly the single change of supporting instead of Postfix.

That alone would be useful to me.

What would be cool is if every time someone (or some bot) sets up an advertising site on , we shunt their account over to an instance specifically for commercial stuff and send them an invoice for, say, one year's service.

All the frozen-fruit instances would have to federate with it, because freeze peach and capitalism.

lyric shitpost 

You know the day destroys the night
Night divides the day
They have a fight, triangle wins --
Triangle man.
[sax solo]

Happy John Lennon's 80th Birthday!
🎉 🍰 🐞 🎸

I'm homeless with 0 income.

The next payment for my storage (32€ every 4 weeks), which holds the last few valuables that still haven't been taken from me, will bounce and I might lose the last bit of what I have.

Everything I make, I release for free as a matter of principle, so if you have spare cash it'd be really nice if you could help out.

I can receive money via bank transfer (DM for IBAN) or get recurring donations via patreon:

(boosts welcome)

where were you when you found out the UK's track and trace software (which cost 12 billion quid) has excel as a backing database

sadly there is a backlog of cases which were untracked because they exceeded the excel row limit

worry not, they have solved the problem and are now using two excel files to keep track of people

My cousin @lindes has joined the fediverse! 🎉 I think they'll fit right in. :scipio:

Announcment to people 

Hey y'all on,
your instance sucks and some instances, including, will probably defederate from it soon.

I recommend you to look for a smaller, better moderated instance and move. If you don't know where to move, best check on which instances your mufos are.
Lmk if you have difficulties moving and I'll try to help.
If we are mufos I can issue you an invite for

If you follow too many people to manually go through them and know how to run a script from the cli, you can use this script to check where your friends are:

...or is this a ?

When you indent in using lists, and one of the items has a blockquote, you lose all the indentation after the first line-break.

This makes it impossible to neatly indent blocks of text with line-breaks in them.

There may be a way to fix this with CSS, but I don't know it.


i reckon we have a good 2-3 years before the world galvanizes around the need for a "new traditional" and the game is going to be showing how progressive ideals are actually part of traditional values that we forgot along the way.

Decency, respect for all humans and nature, helping your community, looking after the less fortunate, kindness, good health, close knit communities.

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We have every confidence that the apparent economic disassembly is due to controlled reverse duality, and it has been determined that the apparent trade fallout is due to catastrophic technical empowerment.

Exhausted, overwhelmed and overworked people of the fediverse --

repeat after me:

Whatever I can do
has to be enough.

link: a more realistic view of what's going on with the US, from the administration on down 

The US is a Mafia state

(originally tooted without a CW, but then the preview gave the title, which kinda needs CWing... but there's no preview under the CW, so now re-tooting a second time with title... and why do we still not have toot previews?)

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