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The intelligibility of this is really interesting, because it suggests that the technological capacity to easily share complex still and moving images is incorporating them into quasi-written language as if they were universally intelligible ideograms.


I’ve commented before that Star Trek’s most prescient prediction was communication via memes in ‘Darmok’. So it was only a matter of time before someone started making these:


Y'all, my spouse is being sued by our HOA because we haven't been able to pay due to COVID causing me to get laid off. If the lawsuit goes through, they could force us out of our home. If you can donate, or even just boost this, I'd really appreciate it.

asking if anybody has a spare laptop because mine's fucked, boosts needed :boost_ok: 

hey uh

my laptop's like hella fucked

does anybody have a spare like thinkpad or something they don't want

the SSD slot SATA connector is fucked, the keyboard is fucked, the mousepad is fucked... probably more things are fucked, it's like every time we try to fix it there's another problem

i'd like to be able to take the RAM out of my fucked laptop and still use it, so DDR 3 would be preferred

i can't do video editing commissions, or much of anything at all really, til this is fixed!

thank you!!!!!!!!

boosts appreciated immensely :boost_ok:

What's the deal with when you search for something on Google, and it finds a couple of matches, but you go to the links and the thing you searched for isn't there?

Ok, maybe it's been deleted since the URL was crawled...


...then you go to the cached version of the page -- directly from the search results showing an excerpt from the page with the text you're looking for -- and even that doesn't have the text.

Things that happen :

The scene -- kids are out in the living room playing video games. I'm tidying off a thing so I can disassemble and move it. @Harena is in the office, next to the living room.

The following reconstruction is approximate, but at least partly accurate:

Kid 1 (yelling at game): Why!!
Me: 🎵 did they send her 🎵
Kid 2: 🎵 over anyone else 🎵
Kid 1: 🎵 how... 🎵
Me: 🎵 should I react? 🎵
Harena: 🎵 These things happen 🎵
Kid 2: 🎵 to other people 🎵
Harena: 🎵 they don't happen at all 🎵
Me: 🎵 in fact. 🎵


Apparently there's a thing going on at today where they donate all profits directly to the artists.

[coughs delicately]

I have a thing on Bandcamp!

Logical fallacy specialists: how would you describe the fallacy being committed here? --

Person A: You need to define "X" if we're going to be able to have a reasonable discussion about it.

Person B: However we define it is irrelevant. It still is the way I say it is.

Having problems with no less than three of my instances this morning -- can't get through at all. (Fortunately, the TootCat server seems to be ok.)

Anyone else having DigOc issues?

Does anyone know anyone who is connected with Dkosopedia?

The site went static several years ago, and was completely unavailable for awhile (except through snapshots).

The static version seems to be available again, but the search engine doesn't work... and I know there's a ton of content there I'd love to rescue, either to host in its original form or to integrate with Issuepedia.

Feel free to boost.

Rowl v.: to provoke or bully in subtle ways and then feign shock when attacked
"If you spend enough time on Twitter, you will eventually see J.K. rowling."

boost with cw, request for info about tenant's unions in portland :boost_ok: 

When you make a selection for cropping in Gnu IMP, why doesn't that also become a selection?

(For that matter, why are there even two different tools for this? I suppose it's convenient to be able to just click-to-crop, but I'd be just fine with a right-click option on the selection tool instead.)

So, I'm trying to finally learn the proper Linux command for looking up DNS records for a domain (and its subdomains).

Example: I want to be able to type
[command] and get the same information that's shown in the attached screenshot.

Several leads claim dig is that command, but... it doesn't do what I need, and the options which look like they might do what I need don't seem to work the way the documentation says they do. (I've looked at both the manpage and a page on; they each disagree with each other and with what I get when I try their examples.)

Any leads?

Is anyone familiar with the API for the Plex media-sharing service? I've been trying to figure it out from other people's code and reverse-engineered documentation...

A consulting metaphor:

Charging only for "actual work", and not counting the time spent doing non-technical administrivia, working out specs for deliverables, communicating with the client and their agents, etc... kind of like if you're selling icebergs, but you only get to charge for the visible part (above the waterline).

(...except worse, because at least with icebergs there's a fixed and known ratio between that part and the rest of it.)

Found a couple of frens when I went to drain the tarp over the emergency generator.

@Harena says the grey one is a Cope's grey treefrog, and the green one is a green frog.

We definitely hear the Cope's calling a lot, especially in damp weather.

anyone wanna help with my data this month? i only have phone internets 🙇‍♀️

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