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social software which doesn't allow you to enter a reason when requesting contact with another user (like, how you know each other, or what made you want to follow them -- so that they will have some idea of whether or not to accept the request if they don't recognize you off the bat).

(I have mainly been on the other end of this -- receiving follow or friend requests from people I don't recognize, which sometimes turn out to be people I want to allow and sometimes don't.)

This applies to pretty much every social application ever, to the best of my recollection. whyyyyyy??

web apps with hard dependency on PostgreSQL... or any specific database engine, really, but PostgreSQL's GUI is still difficult to work with afaik (did not support ssh tunneling, last I checked).

I mean, just, why??

It would even be useful just to have a power indicator on the base -- and the base could even presumably detect whether the watch was getting power by sensing voltage-drop across the contacts, so it wouldn't be necessary to put an LED on the actual watch.

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Smartwatch with no charging indicator other than the screen, which is laggy when the watch is working and nonexistent when the battery dies.

This happens a lot:

I put the watch in its base, make sure that the charge indicator is on (which can be tricky; the contacts between the base and the watch are iffy and frequently need cleaning) -- but then after a few minutes, it loses the connection for whatever reason, the battery discharges overnight, and in the morning the watch is inexplicably dead -- and without the screen powering up, I can't tell if it's getting charging power or not, so I don't know if I need to clean it more or reseat it or what.

Experience hath shewn that it takes a few minutes of charging before the watch will show any signs of life. There were in fact several weeks last year when I thought it was just dead, and looked at getting another one.

Once again, a libertarian experiment proves why we need governments (well... more accurately: why democracy can't survive without structure):

(...assuming the article is valid, but it matches other evidence I've seen.)

Q: Why was the politician embarrassed that he needed new glasses?
A: It was bad optics.

Daily Surrealism
Jaroslaw Jasnikowski (Legnica, Polonia, 1976)

...I mean, a PCI card that connects to a breakout box... which was never ideal, since that puts analog signals inside the PC case, but I don't think I ever had trouble with EM noise.

Nonetheless, something that talks to the computer over USB would necessarily have the A/D outside the PC, which seems like a better arrangement.

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Can anyone recommend a good digital audio interface for music recording?

I would like something with at least 8 inputs, though I'm also interested in anything cheap even if it has fewer than that.

Mine is a PCI card, but that seems to be old tech now -- and it would be nice to have something that could work over USB, for use with a laptop.

I'll want to use it with Linux, but at this point I'll take recommendations for anything even if you don't know whether there are Linux drivers; I'll do the research and/or take the risks.

TFW you send the dentist an email just to confirm that the cleaning appointment you made pre-pandemic is off (which you presume is true for multiple reasons) -- and instead of replying to your email, they call you.

...and don't leave a message.

...on the number where the outgoing message says essentially "we don't answer the phone because phone-phobia, so please send us an email, here's the address".

...and on another number which says the same thing.

...and then they call back the first number.

...and still don't leave a message.

We cannot help but believe that were every law, every title deed, every court, and every police officer or soldier abolished tomorrow with one sweep, we would be better off than now.
-- Lucy Parsons

#anarchism #quote #bot

...and let's not forget that it's often easier to use money to make bad things happen than to make good things happen.

In fact, you tend to get more of it when you use it for bad things.

Remind me why this is a good system, again?

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Money is a form of unaccountable power.

It doesn't matter what you did to get the money; if you have a lot of it, you can make things happen.

(There's a small amount of accountability around what you do with it, but enough money makes it possible to hide from that as well.)

Software dev community funding system idea:

Problem fork A: If you make it a straight-up bounty system, then the money gets to decide everything (effectively one vote/dollar).

Problem fork B: if you make it one vote/person (i.e. completely ignore how much money each person contributes), then people with lots of money to dump have no incentive to dump more of it, so you don't get as much money contributed.

How about one vote per person plus you can buy extra votes at a rate of log10($)?

So $10 would get you an extra vote, $100 would get you an extra 2 votes, $1000 would get you an extra 3...

: reference manuals that don't include examples. ...especially for stuff.

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