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CoolEdit Pro is (well...okay, was; it was renamed Adobe Audition or something over a decade ago and for all I know you have to rent it now and it only exists as a web app), like, a zillion times more intuitive than Audacity.

Just sayin'.

If any of the Audacity devs would like guidance on what needs to change, I have a list. >.>

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I think to a large extent I'm still dealing with the mental baggage of having worked with Dan Dudley, who was insanely perfectionistic.

He often had strong opinions about which tracks or mixes sounded right and which weren't quite there -- in ways that the rest of us often couldn't quite discern...

...which meant that he typically ended up having the last word over which take or mix was the right one, even if one or more of the rest of us had other ideas... 🤔

That said, it would be nice if I could tell what sound I'm getting out of the guitar without having to record a bit and then play it back. I need to twiddle the knobs and find the sound I'm looking for, but I've got it plugged directly into the back of the PC and can't figure out how to make the PC (or Audacity) pipe the incoming sound back out.

I could do it with the M-Audio.

Dang... how do you copy what's in the left track over to the right track n Audacity...

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I'm going to try recording a song using whatever cobbled-together techniques I can work out, since I haven't yet been able to put together a system for my nice (but 20-year-old) PCI audio interface.

I usually feel like I'm "cheating" if I do a lot of precision editing, use loops instead of playing each part all the way through, or generally lean too much on digital tech to create a piece -- but that level of perfectionism (minimal as it is) has just been getting in the way of recording anything at all.

Sooo... wish me luck.

orpol / voting 

hey Oregon folx, it's the last day to put your ballot in the mail if you want to do that. The postage is paid this year. You just got to fill out the bubbles. A lot of elections are worthless but this time the city council could be remade with mostly Black organizers and there is a ballot measure to tax the rich for homeless services.

bunch of trans academics: you could have been using your chosen name all along
me: WHAT
trans academics: yeah your CV and journal titles aren't legal documents
me: WHAT

so trans academics who aren't aware of this, you can use your chosen name everywhere

The sunbirds started visiting the new feeder for the first time today!

I was sitting about 5 feet away, we were both in the shade. After coming the first time, it came some five times in the next hour. If it's anything like the last time I had one of these feeders in the garden, it'll be bringing family and friends in no time.

Image alts: A small bird with iridescent green, blue, and red colouring and a long, curved beak drinking sugar water from a feeder with a red paper flower on the spout

I am unemployed. I don't believe I will be returning to academia.

If you or someone you know is looking for a high skilled, highly motivated Unix admin, technical writer, infosec consultant, or tech researcher, please get in touch. Willing to relocate anywhere (after the COVID-19 situation, of course) and work remotely in the interim.

(Please feel free to star and boost.)

okay i cant find the post so im just going to re-write it. trans masc pol 

I appreciate all the rallying behind trans masc people today but i want to make something abundantly clear

i dont need people to "not all men" for me. i internalized this before i transitioned, but i have always understood jabs at men not meaning that all men do [thing] but simply that 99% of people who do [thing] are men. it does not offend me. i really dont care. most of the time, i agree.

and instead of getting mad at random people for venting about men, i would much rather we put our energy into reshaping trans spaces that are so hostile to masc folks. say cis men when you mean cis men. dont say that T is poison. dont conflate "trans" with "trans woman." dont create dichotomies in the trans community to exclude trans masc people. i could go on and on you get my point.

we're in this together, and everything i do is to try to bring us together without pretending we're the same. we can acknowledge our different needs and experiences without excluding eachother.

Lady Sylvanas, coziest of all the kitties, curled up atop the coffee machine where it's warm from the boiler ^.^ #cats

...but I got over it.

(photos taken with much help from @Harena 💚 :ferret:​ )

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bad pun, actually happened, body weight 

This morning, the scale said I weigh 144 pounds.
I thought to myself: "That's gross."

(...purely in the pun sense. I'm actually good with that weight.)

RT @ScientistsX
Overpopulation is not the main problem. See this really informative thread by @GeorgeMonbiot

There's a fun thing happening on birdsite right now:

1. most of the corporation's user support offices are empty due to disease
2. appeals of automated bans, which require manual review, are going unanswered as a result
3. various breeds of human skidmark have realised this and are taking the opportunity to wipe out vulnerable soft targets by abusing the report button

brace for Yet Another Fucking Influx i guess

How about this:

We allow capitalism to continue as long as the following conditions are met (details to be worked out):

1. For every share of stock issued for private purchase, two shares must be placed into public hands. This applies retroactively to existing stock.

2. All public stock most be voting stock.

3. Management of dividends and voting will be handled via an independent cooperative, which will use liquid democratic principles for governance.

ooh, girls just wanna have 

their pronouns respected

eviction, PNW, cascadia (Linn County), covid-19 legal help, boosts appreciated 

We've from our housing location
(we've been living in a 5th wheel in a rented spot).


This is the first time they've informed us that something was wrong, and we've spent months building the relationship, paying rent, and(when we ran short of funds during covid) continued paying our portion of utilities, despite not tendering full rent during the .

They (landpersons) claim it's unrelated to , but they also stated it's "because we pushed them too far" (without any examples or communication about what we actually did).

Landperson is an ex-cop, supposedly reformed.

We deeply regret putting energy into this place.

We're two or three weeks from getting our money from the Detroit settlement (cw: police violence described on linked page and I've been keeping them in the loop every time our lawyer provides an update.

Also "I would advise not treating pleasure and comfort like afterthoughts or things you have to earn."

These are words like I feel need to get in front of a lot more eyeballs.

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