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So there's been a lot of talk of a . This basically seems like a good idea.

I'd like to suggest, though, that the issue is larger. The basic principle underlying this idea is not just that rent shouldn't be a thing; the basic demand should be equal say in how things are run -- we should be equal partners in society.

Maybe your landlord is using the rent you pay in order to pay their own mortgage. Maybe we should offer to join them in a mortgage strike.

Or maybe they're using it to pay for their kid's college tuition -- do we need a tuition strike too?

Or is this really just a strike against the owners of society who always need to see a profit margin in everything they control, while having no obligation to actually make a contribution?

A rent strike attacks just one head of the serpent. We need to cut them all off at once.

Anything less leaves the oligarchs in charge, when all is said and done.

thought: If you use a trait in a class, are you a class-traiter?*

Bonus joke: if the parent classes don't like it, they may make a "final" declaration and cut off your inheritance.

(*This joke is probably obvious and and only 1% of PHP devs working with traits haven't already thought of it -- which is why 1% of PHP devs own 99% of the bad PHP jokes.)

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covid19, not to spread fear but rather rage... 

I'm both sympathetic towards and... bemused?... by people having a hard time with having to stay home. Our lives here at Hypertwin Manor are largely unchanged, and I'm absolutely fine with not going out as much for occasional social stuff. (I would be finding it *more* enjoyable if I didn't still have to go shopping. -.-)

I wonder how the people who are suffering from this would deal with being literally locked in with a nonverbal but physically fit and very active autistic child who will run out into the street in his underwear if all the doors and windows aren't physically locked and the keys hidden.

Now *that* was a lockdown.

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They just called again, so it's time for another exciting edition of...

Hey babe -- if I said you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me FOR CHARITY?

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I wonder if the super rich understand that paying higher taxes is literally the best case scenario for them

Hey babe, I lost my phone number -- can I borrow yours, FOR CHARITY?

(In general, I'm gonna try to post a new one of these every time these guys call... until I run out. You have been warned.)

Mediation is done.

The settlement requires the county police department to develop a training program for interacting with autistic individuals.

More updates (tomorrow?) once we decompress and recover spoons.

Eviction has been postponed, and as long as the county actually pays up, we will have housing for the rest of this year.



idk if y'all understand how incredible this seems to me, it's been...four years? since we could plan further ahead than a month or two.

Still a bit numb and dissociated, the reality of being able to pay our bills hasn't set in yet.

This wouldn't have been possible without your help, and the help of everyone who has supported, assisted, and encouraged us in the past years.

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working on this $30 disability-friendly USB controller thing still and i have a bunch of layout concepts so far, but i really need some more input from folks who would get some use out of it to figure out what shapes are gonna help with what disabilities

if anyone is or knows someone who'd be into something like this, absolutely please :boost_anim_vanilla: so i can hopefully make something that helps a couple more people

If I were to implement an SMTP server in , would that be chaotic neutral?

How about if I stored the data in MySQL instead of mbox? Or... JSON? 🌩️ ☠️ :kestraglow:

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mention of grocery meat 

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