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development of trans kids, not affected by assigned sex at birth 

A recent study published by the US National Academy of Sciences finds that #transgender children's development follows that of their current #gender, and not that of their sex assigned at birth. "neither early sex assignment nor specific gender socialization experiences in the home define transgender children’s gender identity and gender expression later on."

Counterpoint to "Humans are space orcs", Humans are adorable

This is a thing where anyone with even a tiny bit of writing spoons can help, if you have anything to say about US Social Security :

What's Happening?

The Social Security Administration has proposed a new rule that would change the way it decides if and beneficiaries are 'disabled enough' to continue receiving disability benefits.

Social Security makes disabled people receiving Social Security disability go through, what it calls, "continuing disability reviews" (CDRs). A CDR is basically a 'are you still disabled enough' audit. Social Security is proposing a dramatic increase to the number of CDRs it conducts.


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“It seems to be pretty clear [from our study] that false information outperforms true information,” said Soroush Vosoughi, a data scientist at MIT who has studied fake news since 2013 and who led this study. “And that is not just because of bots. It might have something to do with human nature.”

...or could it be, just possibly, that the fake news the study most often encountered is that which has been best engineered to be appealing?

In other words: it's not that there's anything inherent in human nature that wants to believe lies, it's that lies can be engineered to be believable.

...or was that obvious?

Hello, friends. As you may be aware, I have recently had a contract come to a (fairly sudden) end, and so am available NOW for commissions, contracts, or good old-fashioned employment. If you, or anyone you know, need someone with broad experience in a development, system design or social media role, I’ve got you covered. No job too big or small.

Please share widely! Thank you!

Get to know me at the newly re-hashed

A spaceship landed in the park. A door dilated. A cat came out, then went back in, then turned, sat down on the threshold and washed itself.
A tired voice from inside the spaceship called. "Come on, Leader, we've taken you home. Just... go."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Want to start a Mastodon group for people with over $9k in debt, called "IT"S OVER NINE THOUSAND!"

...oh, but Mastodon doesn't support discussion groups.

It's official: advises applying fire to Hangouts. I couldn't agree more.

This gets a for feature removal (dropping support for federation over ).

Yes, I knew this was a thing, but hadn't been forced to confront it until today.

Apparently existing "buddies" are grandfathered in, but you can't establish new connections unless both of you are using Google for XMPP.

(You can, however, still use Google as an XMPP service provider, e.g. via Pidgin.)

okay so this may be a stretch for cis games writers, they're trying, but genders are not caused by either genes or Facebook

you ever notice how like 50% of the earth's population is female? i don't have anything against women or anything, but it's just unrealistic to have so many of them

How The Rich Make Life Unaffordable

~~ a brief primer ~~

  1. By having more to spend than the rest of us, they drive the housing market up way beyond what most of us could ever afford.
  2. By offering bank loans to help with home purchases, they keep the "market" going...
  3. ...while enriching themselves off the loan interest.
  4. Property taxes increase in response to increased home valuations.
  5. The lion's share of the cost of running local government therefore falls upon those least able to pay (because property tax is not scaled to income*), instead of on the people who could afford it without batting an eye.
  6. We then are forced to spend more and more of our income (time) paying housing costs, which ultimately go to rich people.


* This is a thing which should be fixed, because it basically lets the rich tax the rest of us via the fact that we all need a place to live.

Drawing cat memes turned out to be a really nice way to wind down after a stressful week.
#caturday #art #mastoart #CatsOfMastodon #cat

It turns out it wouldn't let me fill in "0" for the number of hours per week.

So, that's also a thing. What do they *mean* by "hours per week"? Is it the number to which I can commit, the number I need as a minimum, or something else?

I put in "1". It was okay with that.

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Study: Puberty blockers save lives 

A study published this week in the medical journal Pediatrics, find that puberty blockers save lives of #transgender children, sharply reducing suicidal ideation, immediately and over the long term

Huge peeve: upgrades that remove features

Huger peeve: upgrades that remove literally all of the configuration options

Earlier versions of the webcam app "Cheese" (we're looking at v3.28.0) included a menu which could open a configuration dialog; this seems to have been removed in the version packaged with Kubuntu 19.10.

I can't tell you the version number of the one that is packaged with Kubuntu 19.10 because the "About" dialog was accessed via the menu which has been removed.

i keep getting cutie-sniped aaaa

(that's when i see a cute girl and totally lose my train of thought because aaaaaa pretty) (selfie, ec, boosts++)

[EN] For a long time @ekaitz_zarraga and me have been thinking about opening a custom fabric and DIY product shop. We discovered a local fabric printing shop so we decided to go on and test it.

This is the result of our first test: 100% recycled polyester canvas (made with PET plastic coming from plastic bottles).

Do you like it? Would you like to have some items done with it? Like totebags, cases.

We need some feedback to continue with the idea!



(Subtooting myself, -ish?)

Is it a hot take to say that private charity is all but useless?

My real take on it is that it's worse* than useless -- because it overwhelmingly (measured by volume) goes towards "solutions" that perpetuate the problems they are ostensibly addressing, whilst allowing corporate greedsters to look like they're a necessary element of society instead of the blood-sucking parasites that they really are.

* one is tempted to say "much worse"

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