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Wanted features in a calendar system:

* ability to categorize events
* ability to view items in a category as a list

does not seem to support categories or even just searching descriptions (which might make it possible to approximate this system using hashtags).

For the past year (approximately), I've been using Wunderground's weather app & loving it so much that I had been giving them $1.99/yr to take away ads.

This morning, i noticed it wasn't running (my new phone has the annoying tendency to stop apps to save battery power despite my best efforts to tell it to Not. But that's another story) so I started it & suddenly I was looking at a completely different app with many of the features that I adored Just Gone. (Also was suddenly informed by the splash screen that it is now an IBM company, which apparently happened in 2016 unbeknownst to me)

So I unsubscribed & uninstalled it & my question to everyone is this:

Do you have a weather app (for Android) that you find wonderful? The things I loved about Wunderground were (to name a few):

1) Being able to hook up to weather stations that people had set up in their yards, etc

2) Having the temp show up in my status bar

3) Giving me the precipitation chance for the day in the pull down menu

Not that cliquish behavior and prejudice doesn't happen on Mastodon (I mean, its technology under white supremacy, misogyny, transphobia and capitalism, of course you'll see some bigotry). But I find it telling, and a relief, how people approach people in instances like these versus how marginalized people are approached on Twitter and Facebook.

Sure I get less attention and have fewer followers on all the instances I'm on combined than I do on Twitter, but attention does not equal care.

US politics, racism, classism, voting 

“If voting changed anything they would make it illegal.”

All of these are from news stories published within the last month (as of December 29, 2019):

-The state of Georgia canceled the voter registration status of 100,000 predominantly black and low-income citizens to suppress turnout.

-Wisconsin tried to purge over 200,000 Democratic-leaning voters from the rolls.

-Texas falsely claimed that over 100,000 voters (almost exclusively people of color) were not real U.S. citizens and tried to prevent them from voting. The state also sent Crystal Mason to prison for unknowingly voting illegally while on supervised release.

- Lanisha Bratcher of North Carolina is facing 19 months in prison for voting in the 2016 election after being released from prison. The law she is being charged under was instituted under Jim Crow to disenfranchise black people.

I'm lifting the instance-block on for a couple of reasons; details in the change history here:

Please let me know if there are issues I should know about. :smol_purple_heart:

-- @woozle

: mobile apps that don't let you configure OR EVEN FIND OUT where the files you create are stored. :kestraglow::scowl:

Please welcome @xenon to the admin team! :scipio::kitty_trans:

We're hoping that her experience running* will enable us to be more proactive against spam and more responsive to abuse reports in general.

Thanks also to those who responded to the poll about advertising accounts; we will be generally taking a more active stance against them. ⛔​ 💰 🚫​

Happy Boxing Day Boxing Day Boxing Day Boxing Day, and we hope this season finds you with pleasant company that sees you.


Email I just received, looks legit:

Dear Woozalia Nicola,

I'm a recruiter with Amazon's People Technology team.
We are working with some great teams like Alexa and AWS [...] to help change the world.
I shared your profile with the VP of Engineering on our team!
They loved your experience and we would love to invite you an event we are having in early February.
The hiring event would be a half day of interviewing with our team members and leaders. (Which Amazon will cover all travel and expenses for this event).
So, what's the catch?
We do ask that you complete a 90-minute technical assessment for our team to review. Once successfully completed, we will schedule a follow up call with myself before inviting you on-site to meet with our team!
You will have to relocate for this position which Amazon pays for, for you and your family.
We have positions in Seattle, Wa at our corporate headquarters.
If interested please respond back with your resume [...]
I look forward to working with you!

There probably isn't any market for fact-checking, is there.

The people who want the facts checked don't have money, and the people who have the money don't want the facts checked.

tfw a web site won't let you paste your password into the form, so you have to choose something simpler that's easier to type and remember.

SmiONE Card, I'm looking at *you*. :kestraglow:

- we've had these clementine plants for years, ever since Benjamin saved out the seeds (maybe a decade ago?) from a clementine he'd eaten and declared that he wanted to plant them.

@Harena sprouted them and left them on the kitchen window sill until they got too big, and then we moved them outside...

...and now we need to bring them inside every winter, where they get in the way but also make the hallway a bit like a jungle, which is actually kind of nice.

For the second year, we're using the smaller one as our Saturnalia tree.

r/traa post, may contain sensitive content 

Cuz is xmas and f** Jk Rowling

darkpi pitch, boosts appreciated. 

The is an intentionally open, intentionally repairable, and intentionally hackable concept.

The precedes talking with investors, because I'd rather give good tech to good people than have to constantly protect it from the bad.

Technology should serve and enable the user, rather than undermine and sell their privacy piecemeal.

Technology should be accessible, and be easy to make more accessible.

Producers of technology are often too far disconnected from their userbase.

Boost this.
Post it to your birbsite and fakebook alts.
Post it on forums, tell your meatspace friends about it.

Ask us hard questions, we never know what to say here.

This is technology for refugees, by refugees.
This is technology for the homeless,
built by someone experiencing homelessness.
This is technology for the disabled,
by individuals with disabilities.

tl:dr - Help intersectionally-minded small business break into the portable device market.

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There's not a single worthwhile thing transphobes and homophobes can do, that queer people can't do better.

We can write better stories.

We can lead with more heart.

We can understand other groups and nations with more compassion.

We can build more ethical businesses.

We don't need them. And we're not second-best.

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