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Why couldn't the lifeguard save the hippie? He was too far out, man.


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Eugen, Oregon: The Creator Of Mastodoregon

Inquiries have conclusively shown that the preliminary wave recession is due to catastrophic vehicle limitation, and it has been determined that the catastrophic wave disassembly is due to quantum facilitation failure.

Well if there's any upside to the .org fiasco it's that more people are realizing how corrupt the DNS + SSL CA cartel is

Why did Sweden start painting barcodes on the sides of their battleships? So they could Scandinavian.

A few random thoughts on decentralized DNS (which may never happen, but the iron isn't going to get much hotter than it's about to get)...

1. The system should not be controlled by money but by need/utility. If you're providing a useful site, your cost for domain control should head towards zero.

2. Domain-squatting ( should not be profitable. The longer you have a domain without using it for any useful purpose (and I'm not innocent of this myself), the easier it should be for someone else to demonstrate greater need for it.

3. All of this implies some kind of process for public evaluation of a site's usefulness. I have ideas for this.

How 'bout that .org sale, huh?
<awkward silence>

...decentralized DNS, anyone?

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This one is a switchbox for loudspeakers (up to 2 pairs). There's a switch to reverse the polarity of one side (in case you wired it wrong, or aren't sure and want to compare) and volume controls (this was by the bed where I could reach it; the amplifier was across the room) and headphone jacks.

...I actually don't remember how *all* the switching worked; I just remember that it was definitely for *speaker*-level signals, not line-level.

Also, I used bundled phone-wire cables (soldered to DIN-5 plugs) to carry the signals.

This seems like a pretty good representation of how I experience communication in general.

Does anyone know of a textbook or similar resource on designing catalysts for organic reactions (most likely metal-based, not enzymatic)? ... might need a prerequisite in metal coordination chemistry, so that too if you know of one.

(Asking for a friend.)
(No, seriously. I have some very interesting friends.)
cc: @eryn

Does anyone know how to add more sessions in Tabs Aside?

I did it somehow early on, because I've got five sessions now -- but I want to create a new one and can't see how to do it (and my RAM is overflowing, help, Mr. Jaws, that's not the way this record is supposed to end... <burbling noises>)

P.S. Actually, "Drowning in the [web]Surf[ing]" would be a more appropriate joke here, but I couldn't figure out how to reference it and FIrefox is so overloaded that I couldn't even search YouTube (refused to let me type in the search box), so I had @Harena look this up for me:

These men who act so “alpha” and sexually aggressive toward women are the same ones vowing to kill anyone that touches their daughters.

You are creating the culture you “need to protect” them from, you dumbfucks

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