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Car Ride With a Conservative (pol) 

According to my dad:

- there isn't much hard evidence that carbon dioxide drives global warming
- the hockey-stick graph has all kinds of problems with it, especially if you look back over 100,000 years ago
- the left-leaning media (which includes the New Yorker and New York Times) curses too much
- disregarding people when they curse isn't the same as suppressing free speech
- it's better to speak civilly when planning to do terrible things than it is to curse about how we shouldn't be doing terrible things
- when everyone raises their hands for the Green New Deal, that's an example of tribalism on the Left

He thinks Tulsi Gabbard is good, which immediately makes me think there must be something awful about her that I've overlooked.

I've spent most of my computer-time today revamping Issuepedia's set of pages on -like concepts and kinda consolidating them so the information wasn't scattered across half a dozen articles.

I ended up calling the umbrella concept "ubiquitous income", because it didn't look like anyone else was using that term and "ubiquitous" nicely echoes "UBI":

I tackled another myth that seems to be rearing its ugly head due to coming up in the most recent Democratic debate:

I'm sure I had some additional links on this but I couldn't find them and had to resort to cold searching to find the ones used.

money (-), help needed 

Hey, I'm a disabled queer who has been denied government support. Most of my income comes from commissions but since I suffered a significant back injury more than a week ago, i've mostly been out of commission (ha ha) while recovering and I'm already behind on my bills.

Anything to help would be greatly appreciated.

sui (hypothetical & not me) 

tfw you find yourself planning out how you will deal emotionally with the suicide of a very dear friend, should it happen...

...not knowing whether it's actually going to happen...

...and feeling utterly unable to do anything to prevent it.

My housemates are convinced our house is haunted.

I've lived here for 274 years and not noticed anything strange.

More people need to know that there are alternatives to FarceBook, and a lot of the alternatives work together with each other.

(Nitpick: G+ wasn't a failure. Google kind of pulled a Minbari Grey Council and surrendered.)

Okay, @helpers , I'm having a bit of trouble understanding what this message actually means.

I'm installing the latest Friendica but trying to connect to an old database, which obviously I need to upgrade -- but apparently the web installer won't even connect to it because it's "in use". What does that mean, technically? Where are the instructions for upgrading the database? hav not bin able to find...

Hmm. Should I, a left-leaning trans woman, respect the name changes of corporations, or do I keep calling FedEx Office "Kinko's"? 🤔

Hot take: the transition from feudalism to capitalism wasn't cataclysmic. This suggests that the transition from capitalism to whatever comes next may well also be gradual, not violent-revolutionary.

The small-but-growing co-op movement is one aspect of that transition.

also to anyone who’s planning on coming out to someone today good luck!!!! i believe in you

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I feel like I should do a YouTube of me reading hackerspam in an evil voice.


If you want to help out a struggling family recover from extended unemployment, a dollar at will get you access to the development versions and insider discussion of the #ttrpg I'm creating. It's based on the idea of player agency and revolves around the idea of consequences to player actions. The game world is low magic, humans only, and set in a culture that's karmically aware. There are no stats, instead Balances that shift dynamically according to player actions.

financial need, boosts appreciated 

We are still $1,400 short of the full repair cost.

Anything helps.

Especially boosting and sharing to other social media.

Someone out there has enough to cover our need, and every penny helps ensure our ongoing survival and R&D efforts.

Also updated the Ko-Fi with a bunch of trip pictures and more of the generator:

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Two people just randomly reshared this meme that I posted on Farcebook 8 years and 2 days ago.

I suspect an algorithm at work.

(It's a slightly corrected version of a meme someone else had shared -- there was a spelling error or something, and the layout was sloppy.)

Ongoing pet peeve:

software that is project-based
the project file or folder does not include all the source files needed to build the end result
if you move the workspace folders which contain the project and the source files, the software can't find the source files anymore
they're still in the same relative locations
the project file stores ABSOLUTE PATHS instead of RELATIVE PATHS.

...and also it won't let you browse for the files -- so even if you know where they are, you have to manually reassemble the project. You've basically lost all your work.

Software Designers:
This Is Stupid.
Do Not Do This.

New HTYP article:

I'm sure there are lots of other examples besides the ones I've listed.

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