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I just wanted to take this moment to commemorate the fact that I am finally closing my pinned Google+ tab.

(You may have noticed it takes me awhile to let go of things sometimes.)

link to my book, worried its too obnoxious to just post straight up lol 

Welcome to our humble instance, @malweene and @EugeneGBruno! Also a belated welcome to @cinnamon!

Please let me know if you have any questions. ^.^ :scipio:

Also -- @meghanmarkle448, are you an actual person, or a name generated by a spambot? Thanks.

Tried Akaunting, which is supposedly open-source.

Looks nice, but they apparently want money to actually *do* anything with it.

...and we're back to writing my own.

my new app Webstronaut helps spiders place their webs by tracking the traffic of edible insects, but the beta testing isn’t going so well. when i put the test computer in front of a beta user, they just crawl on the screen — or out the window. one tried attacking the app; it was adorable.

I really, really want a mod interface that allows for more dialogue between mods and involved users (both the reporter and the reportee, but mainly the former).

Thanks to everyone's help, we were able to afford stuff like therapy and vitamins this month.


tldr - total is $4559.31 after it's all said and done ($3,736.86 for engine repairs, $822.45 for replacing the ball joints in the steering assembly), and after paying for the second chunk we're afloat but not by a lot.

If you're able to, please boost here, share on other social media, and if you have extra past survival and health, send a few dollars our way.

The internet was out for five days due to lightning, and I'm behind on...everything. Ko-Fi, Patreon, Liberapay, the works, it's all out of date.

We won't starve this month, even though they withheld @sesshirecat's EBT, and that's...a relief.

From the depths of my tarnished soul, thank you, friends, for your help with this.

We've survived another financial tsunami with your help.

I just had an idea for keeping track of users who have been reported but we want to just keep an eye on them rather than blocking or silencing:

Have an account specifically for following problem-users, and give all mods access to it. Name it something that lets people know we're keeping an eye on them. If they take action against it, we can reciprocate.


cc: @kity

What do you call a werewolf youtuber? 

Political sh!tpost 

the luddites did not destroy machines in opposition to machinery itself but to those owners that used the machinery to impoverish and immiserate the people ✊️

Follow-up to @eryn's post -- I can verify much of the narrative in the GFM -- which I recommend reading, although I should note that it may be rage-inducing :kestraglow:​:

I first started working with Tessa when they were dealing with threatening messages from their former partners at Red Thread ( -- I recognized bullying/lying tactics from my own experiences with problematic business associates.

I remember them going through brainfog from the mis-medication. I remember the eviction. I remember the delay in disability payments which led to that, and almost killed them. I remember a lot of the other events mentioned.

Tessa is sometimes described in news articles as "mentally unstable"; this is... just wrong. (I could go off about that all by itself... but I'll just say that I'm more than familiar with being misunderstood because of not thinking the way most people do.)

If you know anyone who could help, please reshare. 🕯️ 💜

I need help.

My family is facing over $4k in unexpected repairs for an engine problem with our truck.

Please boost.
Please share to other social media.
Please help us survive this assault on our resources.

@dredmorbius when I look back at the end of a long, comfortable, life, it will no doubt be with deep satisfaction that I point to a tiny square on the Death Star hull and say 'That. I helped mop that. It is very shiny, thanks to me.'

of the actual garden space, not on the devices i was able to assemble after a small scavenger hunt for all my storage media.

that said...
@micrackbiron @horatius

Today is my 2nd SRSniversary! 🎉
(need to update that a bit)

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