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60 Minutes aired a segment about closing the gender gap in technology. Their story focused entirely on and its male founder as a savior of women in tech, without even a passing mention of Girls Who Code and other women-led orgs in the space.

As a Girls Who Code facilitator for multiple years and a woman in tech, hearing this happened frustrates me.

Girls Who Code spoke out!

Hey folks, sorry to be that annoying bint again, but @pupper and I are still £200 away from covering February's rent and bills. Yes, I know we're in March already.

Y'all have been wonderful and I'm pretty sure the fediverse has no spare change down the couch cushions anymore, but in case there are any secret rich folks our plight hasn't reached, please can you boost this toot. Thank you I love you goodbye.

The page about our Subaru has now been updated with the story of her decline and fail:

...and Daisy's page now has a story too:

tfw you're shown a pop-up ad which includes (along with many other cars, most of which are out of your price-range anyway) the car you bought yesterday.

Unfortunately, it stopped showing it after I clicked on it to make sure it was the same one, so I don't have a screenshot.

Here's the listing, though:

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We art hoam for the everning.

Photo: not quite midway through the trip, before lunch. (It's ok, I was able to extinguish my hair.)

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Went to grocery store, got a bunch of stuff and two large bottles of kitty litter. Everything else fit in the bag I brought, but was carrying the kitty litter.

Got distracted by all the complicated steps (some social, some machine) involved in checking out, and left the kitty litter there.

Pretty sure this is not the first time this has happened, either.

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I think I urgently need to write about Rejection-Sensitive Dysphoria, and how it shapes my need for personal connection.

I'm hoping I'll feel motivated enough to do that soon.

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