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@FurryJulie I'd reverse that. People who make fun of social justice arguably don't deserve any.

@barkstick It wasn't my turn to watch it >.>

Have you checked under the couch?

@dredmorbius It's a SATA SSD drive -- does the article still apply?

@dredmorbius I have in fact been looking for an explanation of this. ^.^

I have learned a few things about grub, but this problem happens at some point before that.

@Harena Clearly I should have said "Don't you have a shareholders' meeting to attend?"

...hhheyyy, what are YOU doing here? Aren't you supposed to be in Congress or the White House or something??

@dredmorbius On the shelf, up there <points>.

...though probably anywhere, really; I have yet to gather more data points on this.

(If you mean "where" in the sense of "at what point in the process", see my answer to mattgen88 -- short version: it won't recognize the drive as a bootable medium.) (maybe I should turn it down to medium rare?)

@mattgen88 It instructs me to insert a boot disk because no bootable media were found (or something along those lines).

If I boot with a livestick, it sees the drive just fine. No filesystem errors. It just refuses to even attempt booting

(ooo, 19.04 is available? been waiting for that...)

Why would an Ubuntu system (16.04 LTS) that boots just fine on one system board refuse to boot on another?

The drive in question has an EFI boot sector, and I suspect this has something to do with the problem, but both boards support UEFI and I've tried it in UEFI and legacy mode.

"Me? Oh, you know... converting return values from arrays to result objects, mapping object relationship structures... same as usual. You?"

techpol, bad, absurd 

co-op franchisement 

duck duck duck goose goose
(everyone's favorite childhood game)

Apparently a historic building near downtown exploded because of a gas leak, a little over an hour ago.

I was downstairs and heard the windows rattle; @Harena was upstairs by a window and heard the explosion and felt the house move.


@SistaWendy I'm finally collecting info about here -- -- and trying to figure out what's up with them.

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