Not everyone needs FFS, but Nataly's face-dysphoria is pretty intense; we've talked it through, and... yeah. 😟

Please do boost if so inclined.

Fedichive has been blocked.

(on my wish-list for a long time: automatic blocklist-sharing among friends, be they instances or users)

cc: @kity @dredmorbius @eryn @alexis @zoe

@alexis @eryn @zoe @June

Honestly, who says "you should be forced to listen", unironically, unless the "you" refers to someone in a position of power?

When I see that, I assume they're joking (or trolling), and move on.

If they're acting like they mean it, though, then they're being a big ol' whiny diaper-messing baby* (and/or Nazi -- same thing except babies are smaller, tidier, and substantially less dangerous) and should be blocked. :scowl:


@ak The sexy girls can totally party down with the office-ghosts. :ghost_pip:

If "It's not getting what you want, it's wanting what you've got", then it should be okay to never throw stuff away, right?

hi all!

once again it's domain renewal time for

if you have gotten use out of the site or the bots i've created, a dollar or two of support would be most helpful and greatly appreciated.

@SistaWendy It looks like this is resolved (yay @Sorreltyree for being not-actually-suspicious!), but for future reference -- you can report any user from the three-dots menu on their profile page.


re: parents (-) 

@InspectorCaracal @noelle Clearly an e-thief. Probably sold it for cryptocurrency on the dark chords market.

...but that's just a theory.
A string theory.

@dredmorbius Without even knowing what I wanted those links for, they become more like clutter that I really just shouldn't be keeping.

(Mind you, I still have a bunch stashed in various wikis, most with some kind of indication of what they're about -- I won't be tossing those.)

@chara I never could figure out what that was even good for, aside from showing off l33t c0ding sk1llz...

...and yet *that* is the project they chose to open-source. WTF.

I just wanted to take this moment to commemorate the fact that I am finally closing my pinned Google+ tab.

(You may have noticed it takes me awhile to let go of things sometimes.)

link to my book, worried its too obnoxious to just post straight up lol 

@ak I'd never heard the name before, so thought it was just random. (We go through phases of spambots with randomly-generated name-pairs.)

Will probably suspend.

@eryn @dredmorbius @selfsame

All code is technical debt in the same way that municipal infrastructure is technical debt. (I can point you at a rabbit-hole of articles-I-found-fascinating on this subject.)

That doesn't *automatically* mean it's not worth the investment, but it certainly can end up costing more than it's worth... and that cost can be weaponized.

Welcome to our humble instance, @malweene and @EugeneGBruno! Also a belated welcome to @cinnamon!

Please let me know if you have any questions. ^.^ :scipio:

Also -- @meghanmarkle448, are you an actual person, or a name generated by a spambot? Thanks.

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