updated 2021 suggested fediverse success metrics 

- lessons learned from marginalized people
- friendships formed and maintained
- worthwhile conversations had
- comments remembered months or years later
- support and validation given and received
- honesty entrusted to one's social circle
- furries petted
- pets received
- stress levels associated with reading home timeline and notifications
- pleasure derived from same
- neat creations shared
- acceptance felt

Shouldn't it be, like, illegal to decline a bank account application without explaining why?

It seems to me that this opens the door to perfectly legal discrimination against folks who normally would be legally protected.

This has happened to one or more members of our household with two different banks now (Chime and Simple).

We were trying to find a better replacement for Simple, which is closing down soon, but apparently Chime isn't it.

cc: @Harena @eryn

Crowdfunding for lifesaving medicine for Tatiana $0/$123

Tatiana has gotten to see the doctor, thank you everyone. The doctor has prescribed her medication for broken ribs and internal bleeding, which without insurance costs $123.

Doc says Tatiana could die without the medication, so boosts very much wanted.

Venmo: @Tatiana-Toplitz18. If you only have paypal or cashapp but still want to give, DM me and we can try to work something out.

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@blogoklahoma I've always found MediaWiki to be a really good platform for maintaining an information resource, though my particular use-cases tend to bump into its limitations. I've been using it for multiple projects since 2005.

I do like having full control over the historic places listing

Are you concerned that using MW would remove some level of control?

birdsite, trans, wholesome 

“So, as a trans woman I’ve gotten a lot of strange comments over the years about my body and appearance.

“And one that always sticks out to me is: ‘You know, wearing a dress doesn’t make you a woman.'”

So, she posted this video. ^_^;


We have domain-silenced gitmo.life , in response to user input: toot.cat/@news/105776013377341

My understanding is that this still permits explicit following of discussions there, but prevents their posts from ending up in our public timelines.

-- @woozle

re: Anxiety 

@maloki Hope you feel better. [ambient support]

Clause 28 benefit comic 

30 years on and this one’s still all too fucking relevant

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@icarus See The Tough Coughs as he Ploughs the Dough by Dr. Seuss. ^.^

KDevelop does a decent job of mapping out classes in a project, but does nothing at all for traits or interfaces.

@SetecAstronomy ...if only to make sure that you haven't left your brain in one of the obvious places.

@SetecAstronomy Gotta have job security! Knowledge is power, maaan -- knowutta mean? (nudge nudge wink wink)

Single-step debugging (SSD) with

a brief review

✅ SSD support in PHP (Xdebug module)
✅ SSD support in KDevelop (native)
🚫 instructions on how to activate SSD in KDevelop when working with an interpreted language
🚫 any information at all about how to use KDevelop with PHP, other than "there's a plug-in!" (which I have installed)


re: face hair begone questions 


I tried laser, but was only able to get through 4 sessions before my life got chaotic and I couldn't do the other one or two sessions I had already paid for -.- (It didn't help that the place was a 30-45 minute drive from home.)

There was... maybe some thinning, and one particular double-hair that was annoying me went away, but mostly no visible difference.

Many years later I finally started electrolysis. After 3 years of almost-weekly one-hour sessions, the right half of my face is nice and smooth, the front mostly is, and the left side is somewhat sparser. I had to stop when the pandemic hit. (I don't think anything has regrown since the sessions stopped.)

The electrolysis sessions could be painful, especially around the nostrils and lips, though most of the time I was able to tune out the pain and even fall asleep for stretches.

@jk Clearly they should put the cockpit in the tail, with a good overview of the body of the plane.

(More srsly: wondering why modern planes don't have cams pointing at each of the engines and control surfaces.)

re: civil transphobia 

@ghost_bird I'll be alert for that... but "middle ground" tends to trigger my "oh, so we should only do half the heinous things, and then everyone will be happy?" response. -.-

re: civil transphobia 

@ghost_bird I figure the important thing is just to push back some against the nonsense that's out there -- question it, contradict it; let naive onlookers know that it doesn't represent a social consensus, much less an informed one.

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