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Yes, we're on GS too! It's definitely a step closer to community-maintained, but there's not really much discussion about what's going on. There's a Discord server and I'm in it, and... shrug?

(I dunno, maybe I just need to keep up better; I just kinda envisioned something more non-transient, with voting and stuff.)


That tracks. Speaking from my vantage point here at... [checks age-GPS] 56 years of old, I'm not seeing a problem with the way the language is changing.

(related story: ohnoes those darn kids are regularizing verbs again)

@Harena , who is another 5 years in the future from me, may be able to confirm if English has survived the flying cars.

@cicatriz_jdr We need a community-driven Mastodon workalike.

The problem is bringing in the funds to keep the necessary coder(s) fed and housed, I guess.


this is gargron's response to my criticism for intentionally removing local and federated timelines from the mobile app

he used the mastodon account to hide behind and delete @avie 's comment and close all further discussion on it



We had a brownout this morning, and it took several tries to get my session back. As of now, the bookmark toolbar is still invisible.

...which leads me to a kind of bloody obvious question: Why is there no way to export/import a browser session? The only answer I can think of feels unfairly cynical, but possibly true.

The bookmarks dialog lets you import/export them, and there are extensions which let you import/export the current set of tabs (though typically with some hoop-jumping) -- but as far as I cant tell there's no way to import/export form-fill data, and there's notably nothing at all which packages this stuff all together (so you don't have to remember each of the pieces and do it separately)...

...except the sync feature, which goes through their server and of course doesn't let you manage the data. (...unless you can do that via web UI after creating an account; I've never done that because I don't trust them not to just discontinue or paywall it at some point.)

(Yes, you can change the server and set up your own, but it's difficult and nondiscoverable and apparently not based on some common standard like WebDAV. It feels like they went out of their way to keep all sync activity under their control.)

Even the migration process -- and I think this is not unique to Firefox, though I have relatively little recent experience with other browsers -- only works smoothly under certain narrow conditions. It never bothers to ask you where your files are, so you could import cleanly from a backup or copy; it just assumes you're importing directly from a deployment on the same user account.

Am I the only one who thinks this is... just amazingly bad?

@libc That is indeed an interesting article, with a few ideas I hadn't thought of.

One comment, though -- it lists this as a "lost feature":

Directory entries that point to secondary storage

The only difference I can see between that and mountpoints is that they're used more extensively and creatively... and it may be that "secondary storage" can refer to volumes that are currently offline, which is definitely a feature I've been wanting since the earliest root of this idea (when I was just thinking of it as a catalogue application).

The correction email at the end confirms this:

Multics didn't do what you describe. There was a mechanism, very like Unix mount points, for "master directories" whose subtree was mounted on a removable disk pack.

Also, regarding the labeling system in Alto -- I have to wonder if the hardware in modern SATA drives is still actually using powers-of-two-sized blocks under the hood, or just emulating them because that's what modern OSs expect.

HYDRA's operations management sounds not unlike what I had in mind with structure-templates.

I hadn't originally intended to go digging into lower-level filesystem details, but this article makes me think that it would definitely be worth doing in the long run, if what I have in mind is at all successful.

Thanks for an interesting read!

cc: @eryn


  • Tried yet again to migrate Redmine; couldn't get the new one working, even as a fresh setup. I wasn't out of ideas, but I had to stop throwing time at it.
  • Managed to mung a MediaWiki upgrade so Semantic MediaWiki now throws warning errors when activated. Had to stop throwing time at that too; maybe the next upgrade will fix it.
  • Got my "Invite Codes" MW extension working -- it lets you have a closed wiki but give selected people the ability to set up an account by handing out a code, which can be set to expire. I need to type up documentation.
  • A thing I want to write (one of many): Ferret File System (aka FFS)
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* for late July, 2021

  • Figured out how to make USB-MIDI keyboard make nifty sounds on Ubuntu Studio. Can't figure out how to, you know, record those sounds.
  • Main project: getting Ferreteria working again. I keep redesigning low-level classes, which of course means lots of fiddly work updating all the calls. Why, brain, why. 🧠 🤔
  • Re-repaired left pedal on pump organ: replaced the entire strap this time, rather than trying to attach the new one to the last foot or so of the old one. Hopefully it will hold this time. Required buying very short flathead screwdriver (to fit in the cramped space behind the pedal where the strap attaches), because apparently all of ours have disappeared. Replaced screws with Philips. ...does anyone have repair manuals for a century(ish)-old pump organ? Some of the keys stick, and I don't know how to access the mechanism. (Still looking to see if there's a model number.)
  • Trying to figure out how to rearrange my equipment rack and computers and stuff so I have a place to set up the mixer. There are a lot of movable pieces, some more easily movable than others... and I have another two racks (one half-size) in the basement which I could bring into play if it seemed helpful... but more or less negative space (i.e. it's already cramped) in which to work.

(* yes, this is my first entry; going to try using this hashtag as a way of quickly making notes which I can file properly later, and maybe get help with issues)

Why is there no way in to specify a narrow font-variant without naming a specific font? Is it because there's no metadata to indicate that a font is narrow, or was this just an oversight in the design of CSS?

re: Covid, masks, ventilation and filtration 

@gannet @susannah
[insert continued rage at paywalled science]

...not helped by that Wired article also being behind a paywall. Workaround: archive.org


Okay, I started writing up my own documentation as part of the process of researching and understanding how this works...

...and basically, it's a meaningless question. All PHP variables are references. All the reference operator does is affect whether what you're accessing (assigning, returning) is the value or the location of the value.

Still reading the docs, though.

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experts: is there any non-destructive way to tell if a variable contains a reference rather than a literal value?

I want to answer @Anarkat 's call to de-tabooify money discussions, but I feel like explaining our money situation would take something more like a book, or at least a ProPublica investigative report.

I should try to summarize it anyway... will try to do that at some point, once I figure out how.

Catholics. As long as you make a big show of being po-faced hypocrites easily offended by others, we others get to make fun of you.


@GoatSara Then I would say heck no, not a weird thing to like at all. I might even be a little jealous.

@GoatSara Is it like having a private chat channel in your head, except you don't have to worry about internet access?

re: jorbs; IT infrastructure 

@robatdteufel I'm sure returning a cached empty or incomplete list helps to save lots of bandwidth.

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