re: Car Ride With a Conservative (pol) 

re: Car Ride With a Conservative (pol) 

Car Ride With a Conservative (pol) 

I've spent most of my computer-time today revamping Issuepedia's set of pages on -like concepts and kinda consolidating them so the information wasn't scattered across half a dozen articles.

I ended up calling the umbrella concept "ubiquitous income", because it didn't look like anyone else was using that term and "ubiquitous" nicely echoes "UBI":

I tackled another myth that seems to be rearing its ugly head due to coming up in the most recent Democratic debate:

I'm sure I had some additional links on this but I couldn't find them and had to resort to cold searching to find the ones used.

money (-), help needed 

@natecull If they want my engagement, they should consider buying me something expensive and pledging their undying loyalty. (Isn't that how it's usually done?)

@natecull I honestly don't mind "recommended articles" in the sidebar (as long as they're recommended for actual relevance and not recommended because they paid money to be recommended), but... yeah.

Article-reading should be OPT-IN, and also one article per URL please (dagnabbit).

@natecull Irony: the site on which that article was posted is itself full of autoplaying videos.

...and continuous-scrolls through to another article. If it hadn't done that, I probably would have filed the link on Issuepedia, but I think I'll wait for a more tolerable source.

@heluecht It's a bit more complicated than that because of just how old the deployment is. I'm documenting the process here:

Current MySQL is 5.7.27-0ubuntu0-18.04.1

Progress is being made, however slowly it may be.

@alfred @helpers I *think* this looks like a good sign? ...and I seem to recall that these upgrades could take quite a long time, on the order of hours, so I should just go away and do something else for awhile?

How can I tell if it's actually just stuck?

(See for the sequence of events leading to this point.)

re: sui (hypothetical & not me) 

sui (hypothetical & not me) 

My housemates are convinced our house is haunted.

I've lived here for 274 years and not noticed anything strange.

@alfred @helpers

Encountering many hairy errors doing the 3.5.4 ➡️ 2018-09 upgrade, and calling it a night for now:

I expect that fixing them is going to involve a lot of guesswork and a lot of time.

@dredmorbius This is one of those areas where Issuepedia and HTYP heavily overlap... I settled for HTYP for now, but if more issuey stuff emerges, an Issuepedia artlcle shall happen as well.

@dredmorbius Ah! So *that's* where I can go if I want to find examples of right-wing BS for Good to know. o.o

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