@FiXato "Blocks" -- is that a data concept, or code-formatting, or...?

Ok, so, be straight (or gay, or pan, or whatever wiggles your guinea-pig) with me:

Why do people like Ruby on Rails?

Cynical answers are also okay, but I'm hoping to steelman my understanding of the mindset.

Sounds like someone seriously misunderstood the intent of the post... though I have to wonder what a better word would be. From another (but similar) context, I've heard that "collaborator" might be better?

@tindall I haven't used Audition, but I did use its predecessor -- CoolEdit Pro -- which I liked a great deal. Audacity's model is very similar to CEP's, but I do have a wish-list... starting with a right-click menu.

@deletescape If you're famous but not wealthy, that's like having accountability without power -- which I can't imagine being super-fun all the time.

re: instance block: pleroma.gnusocial.club 

The original post has been deleted (archived here) but as far as I know there has been no apology.


This is the 8th grade "Capstone Project" from my sister's younger kid:
Restaurant workers are often paid below a living wage, here's what you can do to help.

It's not exactly "burn down capitalism", but... baby steps. ^.^

@SetecAstronomy [hums "The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny" and/or "Particle Man" (user's choice)]

I had no idea it was so easy to crack a Win7 system -- without even using a LiveCD or anything.


re: economics 

@BalooUriza @Elizafox

The problem being, of course, that one machine replaces many workers -- otherwise it wouldn't be worth purchasing.

So the whole "yes automation replaces workers but also creates [higher-paying] jobs" is also full of holes.

Ultimately, all business needs to be collectively owned.

re: economics 

@Elizafox Are employers actually wondering this, though?

I thought it was all neolib politicians pretending there's a job glut in order to influence that subset of the votership which doesn't know any better.

re: instance block: pleroma.gnusocial.club 

@FiXato @dredmorbius Ugh, yes, I see. (That's why I did both, I guess -- Just in Case.)

This seems like an issue with sites that use JS to load data based on browser cookies -- difficult to archive without knowledge of the page's specific implementation details.

This just kinda shows how the webs are borked.

re: instance block: pleroma.gnusocial.club 

@dredmorbius I also got archive.org to snag it; links in the original post.

I know I opened up this tab for a reason...

(Should I have that printed on a t-shirt?)


Q. Why did the OctoPi get a DHCP lease?
A. [...something that somehow incorporates cephalopods, networking, and homelessness...] ...uh, so they wouldn't be kicked out of their apartment at the end of the month for making tentacle porn every time they tried to hold a LAN party?

instance block: pleroma.gnusocial.club 

This twerp @louis made a veiled death-threat towards one of my users.

We don't tolerate that kind of nonsense around here.

This post will stand as a record of the incident, and will be blocking louis's instance, gnusocial.club.

archive.org archive.is

cc: @news @dthompson

affection at reader 

you reading this you're cuties in question' :blobcatpeekknife:

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