@garbados Be sure to buy expensive tutoring services for your blood so it can get ahead of the others. I mean, it would be irresponsible not to help your blood get ahead, wouldn't it? ...wait, this is sounding way too much like something that certain groups of people might actually be overheard saying. >.<


Pessimism is the luxury of someone with something to lose.

I have far too many friends (also white) whose long term plans are to just die in "the climate wars".

Whereas my Indigenous friends are thinking decades if not centuries ahead.

I know which one I prefer.

Youtubers, and any other content creators that receive adshare from their platform, are also workers in the gig economy and should organize for their rights

So uh moving our stuff is a little expensive considering how much we spent to move in, and we need a bit of money to get the rest of our shit out of storage for a U-Haul. We need to conserve our money for next month's rent and food.

Like another $100 would probably do the trick. Already got $100 from fedi. :3

Good news is once it's emptied we can save $50 a month by getting rid of one of our units.

From here on out we'll be self-sufficient.


@zensaiyuki @dredmorbius

Indeed! Normalization is a powerful tool. This is also why representation of diversity is important (which, in turn, is why the Right likes to denigrate it).

@zensaiyuki @dredmorbius

I agree. We need to use every effective tool at our disposal.

Tech gripe: I hit the wrong button while trying to play a voicemail, and instead deleted it.

There was no confirmation prompt. There is no "undelete".

This is just one more example of the terrible UX around telephony in .

@zensaiyuki @dredmorbius
people are not persuaded by logic or evidence.

Okay. This oft-repeated claim is a pet peeve of mine. As stated, it's arguably true: there exists some number of people who are, to varying degrees, unpersuaded by logic or reason when strongly-held beliefs are challenged.

What it implies, though, is that logic and reason are useless in the area of public discourse.

I believe the evidence will show that many people do in fact update their beliefs when faced with sufficient evidence. Science happens. Lies may circle the globe while the truth is putting on its boots, but the truth does eventually get out the door. The long arc of history bends towards justice.

The real problem is that our venues for public discourse disempower people from having rational discussions, and create an environment where loudness and passion overwhelm more considered voices.

That is what we need to fix.

@zensaiyuki @dredmorbius

We need to push back, regardless.

Yes, we need better strategies and better organization -- that's part of what the Issuepedia page was about.

Just because their strategy isn't about logic doesn't mean we can't fight them that way.

The HTML option in GlitchSoc is a long-awaited and much-needed (as in, why was it ever omitted??) feature, but OMG CAN WE PLEASE HAVE TOOT PREVIEW NOW?? (...so I can check the rendering before posting, instead of ending up sending multiple notifs to everyone following me as I draft and delete and redraft and re-delete...

@dredmorbius @zensaiyuki

I had comments about that piece...

On the "reclaiming words" issue: if we keep letting the fascists redefine language, pretty soon we won't have any meaningful words left. This is what Orwell was trying to teach us with "Newspeak".

re: tech company layoffs 

As a footnote to that toot: of the many times I have seen the "you need to enable DRM" warning, I have not yet encountered a page where not enabling it actually seemed to have any negative impact on the page.

To be clear: I have never once enabled it.

Wow, the obliviousness from "Shadow110" in this support thread is just... wow.

Hi, if you are not wanting to watch DRM stuff then why are you at Facebook that uses DRM and HTML5 which is Wildvine. You make Firefox just a text browser if you break it all. Will never watch anything in Video from almost any where.

What is your perspective of DRM and why do you not want it so badly that you want to break pages as well as Firefox ?

No, you do not need #DRM to use #Facebook.

No, turning off DRM does not "break pages"; it just prevents any DRMed content from being viewed.

If that causes interactive pages to not work, then it is the coders of those pages who have "broken" them.

I'd suspect Shadow110 of being a copyright industry troll, since their profile seems to have been deleted -- but this post is from 2018, and the bug has not been fixed...

re: venting about the whole Isabel Fall debacle 

venting about the whole Isabel Fall debacle 

"When he was asked who owns Baku XXI Century, he called it a “commercial secret” but added that he “controlled all its operations” until 2015..." (source) This is a thing I don't quite understand: if nobody knows who owns a piece of property, how do the authorities know who has the right to make decisions around it? Other examples: If the workers at a Guitar Center or Anchor-Hocking were to organize and start deciding for themselves how to run the place, who would stop them -- and how?

Jamie is one of my oldest and dearest friends. She is a tireless activist, scientist, student and thinker. She's my hero, and if you could consider helping her out as she faces this surgery, I'd appreciate it. gofundme.com/f/1v8xozcew0

re: fusion-hot political take 

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