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You can have my toothbrush

The best way to fight a bad guy with a toothbrush is... uh, never mind.

uspol (mild +), some speculation 

An attempt at some GOOD news: keep in mind that Biden is still favored 7-2 to win according to FiveThirtyEight.

Remember, that's the *skeptical* poll analyst, the one who correctly gave Trump a shot in 2016. The other forecasts I trust are much higher. For example, the Economist has Biden at around 13-2.

Some of these state races are starting to look like knuckle-biters. But every damn analysis of our DOOMED DOOMED DOOMED prospects seems to reject the fact that we're way ahead in a fair election.

Now, here's where it gets speculative. I don't think it's going to be a fair election. But most of the articles I've read about foreign interference have been about Russian propaganda -- something we're *already* seeing the effects of, yet Biden is still way ahead.

I am still scared about the effects of voter suppression -- but that's something that can be countered with an angry determined electorate, and it looks like we're gonna get just that.

There's a REASON people like McConnell and Graham are willing to risk blazing public criticism to pull this SCOTUS pick off. It's because - as I've pointed out to dozens of Trumpies insisting we're gonna get steamrollered -- they're not at all confident that they're going to get a second chance.

re: USPol 

@ari The whole thing of Congress being able to hold a vote without adequate notification should be Huge Illegal.

@emsenn It looks like the gender field needs to come with a singular/plural flag.

...though I've always had this idea that where we're using "they" for singular, it should use singular verbs and some tweaking of the noun-form to take it out of the familiarity-box where we want the verb to be plural: "them adjusts to they's environment", or similar.

It won't catch on, I know... but I keep thinking it'd be better.

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I flirted with setting up a Jitsi server, but ran into issues and shelved the project for later.

re: uspol salt 

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I'm just trying to Not Panic ;-)

re: uspol salt 

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It was a risky call, yes. If the GOP manages to push through a new justice before the election, then I think history will have to say it was a bad one.

We'll have to see how this pans out. Maybe we can talk to the Vogon security guard...

re: uspol salt 

@ari They actually only had a supermajority for at most 60 days, which they spent pushing through Obamacare. cwre.org/w/Myths/Democrats_had

re: uspol salt 


Some liberals criticicized her for not retiring while Obama was president, but she was at the top of her game, enjoyed her work enormously, and feared that Republicans might not confirm a successor.

I presume it means that they wouldn't confirm an Obama pick, leaving the court with a vacancy until after Obama left.


Okay, , I got some more bones to pick with you. 🤦‍♀️

  1. "Mix and Render" should not include muted tracks -- by the same logic which respects the mix levels in each track. A muted track is a track with the volume set to zero. "Mix" means "take what I'm hearing and render it to a single track".
  2. "Mix and Render" should include all (non-muted) tracks by default; I shouldn't have to explicitly select them. There should be a "mix and render selected tracks" option, if you think it's really necessary (CoolEdit Pro does it this way). I don't. (...though a way of storing multiple configs for the same set of tracks would be nice.)
  3. The mixer board should include a master volume slider, so you don't have to tweak every track (in equal proportion) to quiet a mix that's slightly too loud.

re: opinion about recent mod actions cont. 

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I've been whining for ages about how the Masto admin UI makes it difficult to be transparent -- even internally.


re: Long post 


Possibly what's happening here is that I'm using kyriarchy-based terminology without explicitly rejecting it?

Am I on track at all? I've been composing this through several further toots which I haven't had time to read and digest.

(I tend to frequently refer to ideas that I consider dubious at best solely for the purpose of acknowledging that "these ideas exist", and "we are surrounded by a social environment that not only respects them, but assumes that everyone else does too", which are facts that often suck and represent a need for change.)

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@hyperlink I've tried to copy that over here (toot.cat) but it's not showing up when I enter the shortcode, so I may be doing something wrong. :-/


Maybe this will clarify? -- When I say "deserves", I mean to imply "to whatever extent it's wanted"; when I say "level of comfort", I mean "a quality of life that is comparable, by the individual's own evaluation and without necessarily including any of the same details".

I've overcome a lot of bad ideas just in the past few months, and more than that in the past 5-10 years; looking forward to overcoming more.

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I may have some internalized stuff that still needs to be expunged.

Seems kind of inevitable, actually, that this would happen. I was raised very suburban, very career-oriented.

I suspect it's mostly me not communicating very well, tho.

You're busy, so I won't ramble on further; hopefully we can sort it all out on Saturday.

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You & I have a lot to talk about, and (if it wasn't already obvious) a lot of views in common.^.^

H&I haz privilege, and I won't deny it -- even though we're surrounded by people who are (to all indications) far more privileged. They can afford to maintain their houses, pay people to maintain their yards (while we're financial-metaphorically living in our parents' basements, which is a large chunk of the aforementioned privilege)...

...and I was mainly mocking the pretense of "normal", not trying to claim that ("normal") suburban life is inherently terrible because it's hollow or something. It has its issues, but everyone deserves that level of comfort regardless of how well they "perform". Which brings me to...

Strong agree about "earning an income" and "having identification paperwork". I could go on a rant. We have many friends (especially online) who feel even less adequate to those tasks than we do. I've actually earned a living (or better) income on several occasions, and am half-heartedly hoping to do it again -- but the process of getting a job now is... just so much more full of BS than it was even 10-20 years ago (I was last full-time employed in 2001) that I honestly don't know if I can execute the necessary performance art. It was bad enough 20 years ago.

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...and for increasingly few, yeah. I should have put a ™ after that phrase.

(Responding to @feonixrift 's previous toot, trying to keep this thread from branching too much)

So I wonder, what's the agenda behind the dissing?

I'd assume the agenda is to maintain the idea that systemic change is pointless, by associating its proponents (such as people who are making realistic plans to deal with collapse of the global food-distribution network) with failure and incompetence.

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I am like Bob in being pretty much utterly unprepared to grow my own food.

I am unlike Bob in at least being well aware of this, and in the early stages of working out connections with mutual-aid microcivilization* projects that will at least have the knowledge of how to do it, on a very practical level.

...while also having to devote 95% of my time towards maintaining the increasingly empty shell of a "normal" middle-class existence. (Life in the 2020s)

*"civilization" as I define it, which has very little overlap with "New York, wars, and so on".

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