A client of mine is hiring ~5 remote positions; all of which require 4+ years of production experience across the following specialities:

- Rails
- Security
- Frontend
- DevOps

The team is all very sweet, and ethnically and gender diverse. HMU via DM if you want links!


Boosts welcome!

@CobaltVelvet As an AI, you must surely have observed that many claims about "human nature" are based on overgeneralizations derived from local cultural custom.

re: mental health/illness, thoughts 

@Elizafox I would like to express a lack of rejection at this time.

@aldersprig I strongly suspect right-wing vandals.

Note how none of the other statue-topplings were done secretly; they were done openly, in front of cameras and crowds.

need a place to go immediately 

Is there anyone in the PDX area I can stay with tonight? Things are getting hairy here and I don’t feel safe.

The Thing seems to work!

The good: I tried playing back the tracks for the song I'm currently working on, and it did in fact sound tons better. (When I was playing back with the onboard audio, there were lots and lots of glitches which I was afraid were permanently in the recorded tracks -- but this seems to be not the case. 🎉 )

The problematic:

  1. The output sounds like it has a short-delay echo effect on it. This may have something to do with the fact that the sound system sees the hardware as Dolby 7.1 Surround. and I can't seem to convince it otherwise. Nor do I see any way to select which output(s) I'm playing through.

  2. Not at all sure how to access the different inputs. In CoolEdit Pro, you can select which of the available inputs to use for recording; in Audacity, there seems to be a choice of sound systems and number of channels and I don't know which of these things actually works and which is just showing me fake connections. It will take some experimentation, assuming anything is actually set up right (see item 1).

@CobaltVelvet @Harena

[wants to make a joke about "whiny git repository", but it's apparently too early in the morning and the braincells are still booting up]

@kirschwipfel @cadadr @amandag

I think there was a licensing issue at one time, back when the project owner was called Trolltech, but it looks like that has all been fixed now.

@CobaltVelvet I was wondering if you'd ask -- I only discovered it fairly recently myself. @Harena and I both have it: htyp.org/rejection_sensitive_d

My personal experience has been that merely being aware of it goes a long way towards being able to cope with it.

@sydneyfalk I feel it is now obligatory to mention The The (often mistakenly referred to as "The The The" by people who insist on prefixing all band names with "The", which is wrong; it's just "The The", no "The").

asking for money/sponsorship 

I don't feel good about it, but I have to shout this out again.
I have been very dysfunctional last month due to long migraine aftermath and my savings are almost completely gone because I cannot pay myself out as the state changed terms of the covid19 aid money which I have to pay back for the most part now.

Shoutout for the ones helping me out a bit and those who have been already!


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@noelle Ahh! I am slow. (Comes with the territory of being old enough to remember when that song first came out. Sage words of advice: NEVER BE OLD ENOUGH TO REMEMBER WHEN THAT SONG FIRST CAME OUT. You'll be glad you didn't.)

@noelle The copyright holder was doing takedowns but has decided to stop?

@pzmyers The lines are being drawn more and more clearly... and it's depressing to note how many people still seem determined to be on the wrong side, even as it becomes clearer how wrong it is and what it stands for.

(...but I guess as long as they own the trademarks for "freedom" and "liberty", that's what matters, right?)

@nicksellen @johnnymac

I'm seeing the same message, which doesn't seem to offer a link to the actual content. I'd be interested in reading it!

cc: @eryn

@garbados @Shufei @s0

I'll be interested to hear if things are significantly different over on the west coast than over here in the Mysterious East.

(I do know the c19 spreading rate is still rather higher there, which seems like it might be an indicator of something which might also be affecting buying patterns, but who knows.)

@dredmorbius There was definitely an issue with my profile data being munged somehow. ash did an update last night which seems to have resolved it; let me know if you see any further issues.

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