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<raises hand> @Harena and I have also been griping about this for some time. Linux devs often don't seem to see the point of GUI, especially for advanced users.

I can use CLI when I have to, but it really slows me down; my brain just isn't good at remembering command names, options, syntax, file-paths... and there are a lot of times where a command-line is just *ambiguous* in ways that doing the same thing through GUI is not.

re: about humanity's problems 

re: about humanity's problems, mention of big fascists 

feature request: the ability to react to posts with emoji

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web dev, completely unrelated to covid-19 

April covid relief, serious post, please boost! (2/2) 

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"Lathe of Heaven" spoilers; covid-19 

@sydneyfalk Physical...buttons...?
I believed this was a lost art!

@sydneyfalk They'll have to ask Amazon for permission, though -- cuz of the one-click patent

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part of the Deep State Nine, I believe.

...which runs the iSS (iOS Space Station)

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I find this compelling. I was lacking evidence before, but this seems to take care of that.

Much thanks for your patience with my skepticism ^.^

@news ....aaaand we're back!

We now have twice the CPU, twice as much RAM, and twice as much disk space! Hopefully the site will stop being as sluggish as it has been recently.

Now... I have to apologize, because on Patreon I had stated (in a patron tier description) that the site costs $40/month to run. I do spend a lot more than that for hosting various public-service sites I operate (including Issuepedia, CWRE, and HTYP), but itself was (until just now) on a server which was only costing $20/month. It now *actually* costs $40/month.

I regret the error, which was entirely my own confusion. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to make up for this.

Stay safe, and keep on tooting. :tootcat:

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I'm not actually sure if I've got anything here *newer* than that ;-) </half_joke>

begging, ughhhhhh 

Desktop applications which default to hiding their menus. Firefox and Vivaldi are among the guilty. Don't Do This.

"File Save" Dialogs Edition

1. when there is no "save as" option, and the "save" button doesn't confirm where it's saving the file (MATE Screenshot is guilty of this)

2. when the drop-down list for where to save the file just shows the name of the folder, and not where it is (MATE Screenshot again)

3. when the app doesn't remember the last place you saved a file, and makes you navigate there again each time

4. when the app defaults to saving the file in a different folder from where it was loaded


There used to be a bot which would regularly post estimated usership across the entire ActivityPub fediverse. I've always wondered whatever happened to that bot, and what those numbers are like now.

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