Here's another early experimental recording.

The track with the melody (Moog Opus 3 played through key-tuned filter on Moog Rogue) on it got overwritten by another take (a mistake I learned to avoid), but I found a decent cassette mix of it and synched that with another source to give me four tracks to work with for producing the final mix.

@anubis2814 Charitable interpretation: they're comparing vaccination mandates to Nazi totalitarianism. Vaccines = "The Showers" or whatever.

Still, the willingness to use the symbol -- and then to deny using it, rather than clarify their intent in using it -- is very... yeah.

@bhaugen @GuppeGroups @dredmorbius @organizingInFedi

FWIW - I belatedly discovered I had already put up a wiki page about Circles, and I've now made one for Communities as well --

@bhaugen @dredmorbius @GuppeGroups

@bhaugen @dredmorbius

Yes -- though it sounds like you're talking about Communities, rather than Circles.

A "Circle" was basically a list of users which was kinda overloaded to serve two functions:

  • by viewing the circle, you would see a stream of content from just those users (kind of like "lists" on GlitchSoc)
  • those users would be notified whenever you posted something to the circle

Admin duties for a circle could not be shared, to the best of my recollection. The second part, then, was a bit like a hashtag that someone else creates and can uniquely curate (good) but from which you can't unsubscribe (not so good).

A "Community" was more like a Facebuck group or even a Discord server:

  • shared space -- any member can post to it
  • opt-in -- you decide which ones to join, and you can leave anytime
  • moderated -- admins can boot people out
  • privacy options -- a Community can be
    • invite-only, join-on-admin-approval, or join-immediately-on-request
    • publicly-viewable or members-only

I haven't used GuppeGroups or Pleroma Groups, but I am now intrigued ^.^

GuppeGroups sounds like it might be doing a thing I suggested awhile back, of layering Group functionality on top of ActivityPub.

(sorry if the delete-and-reposts were annyoing WHEN CAN WE HAVE POST PREVIEW ON MASTO i know, the answer is "never")

@saramg ...I probably need to execute that in order to fully get the joke, I presume? <.<

I hereby declare that "exceptions" should be called "hissy fits".

...or else "throw" should be called "take", instead... but at least right now, throwing a hissy fit about an error feels more satisfying than just taking exception to it.

...because, WTF, my code that I wrote, what are you even doing.

I think Ween should replace Jesus. Then at Easter there can be a worldwide renewal-celebration ceremony in which we push the little daisies and make them come up.

I mean... it makes as much sense as any other religious holiday, so why not?

@loke Gosh, I don't suppose there could possibly be some reason for that -- like, corporate software is hiding that information from users as much as possible in order to be better able to control what we do and how we do it, and keep people from learning how to really use their devices?

Nahh, that's a silly idea.

Media software which assumes you just want it to search all of your hard drives for media and make it all available, rather than asking you where to look (preferably with a nice GUI "open folder" dialog box).

Lookin' at you, music player and also .

I mean, come on guize -- I have a lot of audio and video that isn't really stuff I want on my jukebox. Not because it's embarrassing or anything (though I can certainly imagine scenarios), but just because it's not entertainment.

Scanning through all that could take hours, if not days... whereas the stuff I want to include is only a few tens of gigabytes in a few specific folders.

(Dishonorable mention to , which does the same thing with eBooks.)

Words I invented within the last 12 hours:

  • classarchy: in coding, a hierarchy of classes, traits, and interfaces that all work together
  • nicemare: being trapped in the company of people who are unrelentingly performative of niceness without necessarily meaning it

re: violence humour 

Don't forget "argument ad baculum", and maybe also "Speaking Softly's BFF".

@maloki I probably don't even want to know why some people don't have the option to leave Facebook. It's probably awful and will make me angry.

@oct2pus @Dee

Well, I did do the Takeout thing just before they shut down -- so in theory I at least have all my posts and comments...

...just not in web-postable form.


Working on that.

@Dee @oct2pus

I could only wish they had accidentally turned it back on and couldn't turn it off -- so many links I could quickly try to archive...

@woozle Why do some programmers have to change their keyboards more often? Because some languages are strongly typed

@GoatSara Weakly-typed languages -- are those the ones where the typewriter keys don't quite hit the page right, so the code is hard to read? 🤔

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