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If I offered a NextCloud instance as a subdomain, what vaguely-cat-themed name should I give it?

...or just stick to the obvious ""?


It's kind of weird, having the @news account's notifs queue full of actual new users and mentions, rather than spambots all the way down.

The last spambot joined on June 2, 2018, at 1:20 PM.

I wonder if the operator got raided, got bored, or what.

cold rage: police violence against user & personal friend 

Information is still scarce at this point, but user @eryn has been beaten up and arrested for no apparent reason.

If nothing else, the video makes it clear how completely unnecessary this was.

I should probably start a wiki page for tracking information as I find out more.

For those who like their narratives full of technical chewyness, here's what happened last night on with the SSL certificate:

A belated greeting to @lazypantsadventures -- hello and welcome to !

Please feel free to ask me, if you have any questions; I only devour people *very rarely* these days. (burps delicately)

bug report I don't have time to file:

On the "about" page, "Home to $X users" shouldn't count users who have been suspended (especially since there's apparently no official way to actually *delete* them).

We now have 959 users, according to that count, but at least ~100 of those are spambots that I've suspended.

I'm tempted to say it shouldn't count silenced users either. I've silenced about that many likely spambots as well.

I'm tempted to file a trouble-ticket for Mastodon: in the moderation panel, when you're looking at a user report, there should be some way to (a) see if the user has posted anything, (b) access the user's public profile

...because right now, you have to go through a lot of gyrations to get that information (unless I'm missing something).


Installed Postfix on local server, reconfigured Mastodon to use that... and, oh yeah, you have to restart the SideKiq service, not just the web service.

I suppose this should have been obvious, but also nobody mentioned it ever.

And contrary to widespread belief, setting up Postfix is easy. <click>

Please let me know if you continue to experience any issues with email notifications.

-- your friendly TootCat Admin Team with a headache (no extra charge)

Still working on 's lack of outgoing email.

The problem is that I don't know what the problem is. There are no diagnostics. The email server works fine.

Yes, I gather emails are handled by SideKiq -- but I can't find any information about them there.

The other problem is that I don't know what the configuration options are; can't find documentation for .env.production.

Like, why does even need a SMTP relay account to send stuff? PHP doesn't. What's Rubyish for PHP's mail()?

Just in case anyone is worrying:

We here at are in this for the long haul. I've personally kept several public-interest web sites running continuously since 2005, despite all kinds of life chaos, and those hardly ever had any users at all.

TootCat, by contrast, is an active instance with over 800 users (and growing), and my plans are both to expand the services we offer and, eventually, to have it governed and operated cooperatively.

(We now return to our regularly-scheduled stream.)

The SideKiq queue is down to zero items, so I'm doing another test to make sure toots are federating in a timely way now.

update: there's a problem with IPv6 access. This will mostly affect mobile users. We know how to fix it but I'm afk at the moment.

Hi -- I've been trying to follow the Mastodon setup instructions here: ...and have been running into a consistent problem with the idn library.

@LottieVixen and I have each tried both Ruby 2.5.0 (which I gather is Masto's current requirement) and Ruby 2.4.1 (as specified in the instructions) and they both run into the same issue.

Details here:

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.

(ref tag for me: )

Here we go again...

I wanted to create a completely new server for this time for a couple of reasons:

1. can get more drive space for less under DigitalOcean's new pricing ($40/mo -> $20/mo)

2. old server full of leftover bits and pieces, extra user accounts, and general cruft

Surprise! I always end up in a place where the instructions don't work...

(Yeah, maybe I should have ditched that droplet and started over... but I should UNDERSTAND stuff...)

I really must figure out how to get 's media content off Amazon so polymerwitch can stop giving them money, but I don't really know where to start.

(That is, all the places I know where to start require levels of focus not currently available to me.)

MediaWiki sysoppage 

I think I need to use this:$wgL -- it lets you administer multiple wiki DBs from the same site and also conveniently makes possible -- which allows single-sign-on across all wikis in the list.

I think I need to clean out all the spam accounts from the other wikis first, though.

...but this won't really help the wiki much, 'cuz I wouldn't want to automatically grant other wiki users access to it. Hmm.

Oh shoot! 's first anniversary was three Mondays ago (March 5) and I totally forgot about it!

Umm... Happy Very Belated Birthday, Your present is on backorder at Hypertwins Informatics...

I switched my Patreon over to monthly a little while ago, and finally got around to completely rewriting the intro last night:

Should I do a separate Patreon for , for people who specifically want to help with hosting expenses?

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