Dear Sysop,

Why can't I add an account to a list? I've tried liek three times and the "lists" list shows an "x" next to the list I'm trying to add them to so I think they must have been added but when I jump through the necessary hoops (you should really fix this too, it's ridiculous) to get to the list in question and see who's in it, there's nobody there.


A Disgruntled User

owait nvm I'm the sysop.
hate it when that happens.

Dear Disgruntled,

Apparently the column which shows a list only shows posts from users in the list, not the users in the list.

I believe this solves your problem so WORKSFORME WONTFIX and have a nice day!

Pseudonymous Underling, QP

(I'm specifically trying to keep track of new accounts that haven't posted anything yet, to make sure they aren't spammers. I guess this will work; it would just be nice to see, you know, a list... of what is in the list... so I could see what is in the list....)

Running what I hope is now a routine update to ; please pardon any Glitch glitches...

So, this account signed up today. I suspended it as a commercial account, but now they're appealing the suspension (apparently there's an interface for this now, which is good):

I am not an advertising spam account, I just moved from please don't banned my account

GTranslate says the line with the note-emoji in it means "Open "🎵Eighth Note Bakery" in the fantasy world, selling a variety of desserts with wonderful textures and edible effects."

So there's that word, "selling".

Their first toot translates as

I just found out that the beep I sent before can't be imported (gas!

(presumably meant as "(gasp!)")

...and the second one translates as

Hello everyone, the bread has been reincarnated, I hope everyone can request Wuwu through my attention

It seems harmless enough, even if they do mention "selling"... some kind of game?

I'm unblocking it for now, but am prepared to re-block based on additional input.

I'll also ask them to try to explain what it's about.

I'm finally attempting to run the automated update process created by our faithful ghost-admin ash. Any downtime should be minimal, but I thought I should mention just in case.

(Might not be right away; I think there's a building process which has to happen, then uploading, and then restarting processes.)

So, this one is in a bit of a grey area.

I was just followed by, which is clearly commercial -- and I reflexively blocked them for .

Then I noticed that they're on an instance dedicated to their location, Holden Beach NC, and their web site links to their Mastodon account for social contact (they also have the usual rogues' gallery of other social media icons).

The instance only has one other user -- @josh, also the instance admin -- but that user is an individual rather than a business. He appears to run a small online media company.

This makes me think that whoever is associated with beachmart is a bit more serious about participating in Mastodon than most spam accounts are.

From my perspective, the main reason we block commercial accounts is not so much because they are commercial per se but because they are treating social media as advertising rather than seriously attempting to engage with others... and this seems like it might be a little different.

Any thoughts? (I'm asking my TootKittens specifically but also the Fediverse in general.)

I do think I'll unblock them for now and see what unfolds.

All the are once again back on the air!

There may be some cleanup items in progress over the next day or so, but hopefully nothing obvious; please feel free to pounce on the pile of dust-bunnies in the corner. :kestra:

Attn all TootKittens:

We're doing a server migration to , and there will be some downtime. We're not sure exactly how long, but best guess is 1-2 hours (for a db dump, copy, and restore on the new server).

As always, check MeW for any issues that are keeping the site down longer than expected.

Taking offline for a database repair operation. Not sure how long this will take, but I'd guess on the order of 30-60 minutes.

Will post on MeW if there are any issues which prevent the site from operating after that.

I'll be taking down a bit later today for a db repair -- apparently it got corrupted somehow.

[blames the Supreme Court]

This has a good chance of resolving the "422" issues @dredmorbius and @FiXato have been having.

Oh nice! I now get notifications when people join . This has been a much-needed feature.

Is it just me, or does not have any non-blocking I/O functions?

(Fortunately, we've come up with a work-around for the IMAP issues, for now, so I can get back to upgrading .)

I've taken care of a side-issue that was holding back distro-upgrades on the server. 🎉

Now I just need to do a bit of scripting to make sure I can easily/quickly do a database backup right before I start each possibly-destructive step of the upgrade process.

I need to figure out what to do about people signing up for and trying to use email addresses (usually, but there's also HotMail and a few others) which reject email from our servers sight unseen. It seems to be a growing problem.

Friends don't let friends use Microsoft, but it'd still be nice if there was some way to at least warn people when they're signing up.

Thank you to the person (I don't know if they want to be named) who sent a smol birfday prezint!

I will make sure TC doesn't blow it all on sugar cookies. ^.^

turns 5 tomorrow. Should I do a t-shirt or mug or something? (Yes, I have artwork.)

...or maybe I should just do the #$%& software update, long overdue...

It recently came to my attention that one of our users, @ktsukik, has been harassing other users (including at least one of our own).

This problem first came to my attention about 20 minutes ago.

After a very brief conversation with the offender in which they confirmed their alignment with the forces of bullyment, I have suspended them.

I apologize to anyone who was negatively impacted by this user. (I do see one report of them from a couple of hours earlier this morning. Had I known how severe the problem was, I would have acted immediately.)

is a frickin' safe space and will remain that way.

Thank you.

I took a break from coding today, and instead did some coding.

(The latter coding was for the purpose of adding some additional tests and diagnostics to my vhost-testing utility.)

Result: ( is back online and upgraded, though it still has issues. I don't know when I'll have time to really dig into those and figure out what's going on. :-/

Also, I'm working out how to properly* back up for the first time ever so I can (cough) try to upgrade GlitchSoc finally without being in total terror of something going Tragically Wrong.

(*I run nightly file-backups, but that's not super-reliable at capturing database stuff. I also need to know how to snag all the media files, which are currently hosted on Jortage, but that can probably wait. I have also taken snapshots, but those are similarly unreliable unless the server is shut down.)

I just spent, uh, at least 20-30 minutes reporting spam accounts here on ; I kind of got behind when Firefox kept losing my tab setup. I'm on my laptop now, where the tabs are somehow still set up properly and thought I should check up on that...

Aiee. So many spam accounts.

Masto/Glitch really needs a better account review UI. The way I'm doing it is entirely a kluge made possible by the auto-follow feature.

Does anyone happen to know where in the Masto or GlitchSoc code the instructions shown at the top of this screenshot are kept, so that they can be modified? I need to put in a link to our new warning about Microsoft's email servers being chronically rude to me.

There's also a "re-send confirmation" page, to which it would be nice to be able to add a brief note and link as well.

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