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Desktop applications which default to hiding their menus. Firefox and Vivaldi are among the guilty. Don't Do This.

"File Save" Dialogs Edition

1. when there is no "save as" option, and the "save" button doesn't confirm where it's saving the file (MATE Screenshot is guilty of this)

2. when the drop-down list for where to save the file just shows the name of the folder, and not where it is (MATE Screenshot again)

3. when the app doesn't remember the last place you saved a file, and makes you navigate there again each time

4. when the app defaults to saving the file in a different folder from where it was loaded

sites that won't let you see what the password is as you're typing it, even as an option.

Web sites that won't let you paste account numbers or passwords

What end do they think they are accomplishing by doing this, anyway?

mention of grocery meat 

When someone is searching for "turkey ham", DO NOT return items that have one word or the other but not both.

Better yet, provide a taxonomy to browse.

Cheese used to be a good webcam application, but someone did something to it and it's now unusable.
- can't turn off or set the countdown
- can't set the resolution
- new images no longer appear in the gallery until you close & reopen Cheese
- there is in fact NO OPTION MENU ANYMORE (I don't even know what version this is, because there's no "About" dialog) (Synaptic says it's 3.34.0-1)

All of these features were available IN THE PREVIOUS VERSION.

I have to wonder if Cheese has been a victim of the mindset @xj9 is talking about here:

This mindset baffles and infuriates me.

I usually don't bother to about mobile UI stuff because it's mostly just so bad, but... truly, there should be a way to set how long you want to defer an alarm, at the time it goes off, without affecting other alarms or future recurrences of the same one.

Browsers which show a little speaker icon (to indicate media playing) in their task-manager thingy should give you some way to find out which tab(s) are playing media.

Yes, they generally also show the icon on the tab in question -- but I'm not seeing it, so I have to wonder if it's in a tab which is hidden by the treeview because it's under another tab which is hidden. The parent tab should show if a tab under it is playing media.

Also, a "stop all media" option would be... really good.

This is important because playing media (especially video) tends to overheat my CPU.

What is it with file managers only showing *some* of the files, with no indication that it's not a complete listing?

I don't like it when software LIES to me.

Linux hot take: bash bashing 

The convention of having the command shell replace "*" with a list of all matching files in the current folder[1] only in is... well.

I understand how it's useful for really basic core file utilities.

For anything that needs to do recursive directory-searches, though, it really gets in the way and raises the bar for what the user has to know in order to make use of CLI in Linux.

I just now had a long conversation with an advanced bash user[2], and apparently there really is no way to get this information without setting an option in bash before running a command (and then presumably unsetting it afterwards, so as not to break other programs).

Just... why.

[1] ...and *only* the current folder... and only including folders that match the same pattern -- like "*.rb" would include a folder named "foldername.rb", which pretty much never happens

[2] Much thanks to sophia kara for hashing through this with me. I was very grumpy about it.

How is it that grep -r utf-8 * is a valid search, while grep -r utf-8 *.rb instantly returns

grep: *.rb: No such file or directory

It can't mean "sorry, I looked and didn't find any *.rb files with that content" because it returns instantly; it's not even looking.

...and for the record, yes, I also tried ".rb", with the same result.

When you drop a folder onto , it should open all the files in that folder, recursively. This would save huge amounts of time.

Why does use such a totally weird-ash date convention (dd-mm-yyyy) that is, like, the worst possible combination of the US and EU systems?

And why isn't it _configurable_? Yes there is a date configuration item in config.php, but the format it defines is "'F d, Y H:i:s'" -- which... I don't even know where that appears in the UI. The place where this comes up is in the popup where you set events (screenshot attached), and that's "d/m/Y" (and yes, I've searched the server source repository on GitHub -- no matches).

I'll dive into the code eventually, but... this should be configurable, at the very least.

cc: @nextcloud


In , when you switch tasks (which are like desktop workspaces, but apparently different?), the new task doesn't have any window selected -- even if there's a maximized window.

My habit from MATE is to click on the target task, wait for it to appear on screen then try to do things (type, scroll, whatever) -- but in KDE you have to click on a window to activate it before it will respond to anything.

In the meantime, it feels like everything has frozen up, because I start typing or scrolling and nothing happens.

Want to start a Mastodon group for people with over $9k in debt, called "IT"S OVER NINE THOUSAND!"

...oh, but Mastodon doesn't support discussion groups.

It's official: advises applying fire to Hangouts. I couldn't agree more.

This gets a for feature removal (dropping support for federation over ).

Yes, I knew this was a thing, but hadn't been forced to confront it until today.

Apparently existing "buddies" are grandfathered in, but you can't establish new connections unless both of you are using Google for XMPP.

(You can, however, still use Google as an XMPP service provider, e.g. via Pidgin.)

It turns out it wouldn't let me fill in "0" for the number of hours per week.

So, that's also a thing. What do they *mean* by "hours per week"? Is it the number to which I can commit, the number I need as a minimum, or something else?

I put in "1". It was okay with that.

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Huge peeve: upgrades that remove features

Huger peeve: upgrades that remove literally all of the configuration options

Earlier versions of the webcam app "Cheese" (we're looking at v3.28.0) included a menu which could open a configuration dialog; this seems to have been removed in the version packaged with Kubuntu 19.10.

I can't tell you the version number of the one that is packaged with Kubuntu 19.10 because the "About" dialog was accessed via the menu which has been removed.

Saving images from Discord:

a brief examination of good and bad UX

ideal: allow saving the image directly from Discord. (Can only do this with the web app; desktop app can only open image in another program, whence you can theoretically save it. It is Discord's fault that this option does not exist.)

acceptable: open the image in another app, such as a file viewer or web browser, that will let you save it. (MATE Desktop opens them in your default browser, and I've never yet encountered a situation where a browser wouldn't let me "save as" for an image file.)

bad: open the image in another app, but disable the app's "Save as..." menu option for no readily apparent reason. (KDE does it this way.)

At least I still have the option to "copy link" from Discord and then paste it into a browser's URL control -- but... 🤦‍♀️

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