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Do not ever change the meaning of a thing while the mouse is hovering over it. Someone might be about to click on what's there *now*, and there's a small amount of inherent time-delay in the whole "read - process - decide - act" loop.

Just now I was trying to select the "Nextcloud" hashtag, but every time I clicked on it I got a different spelling.

After some experimentation, I realized that the drop-down list was being populated while I was hovering, and apparently the update must have *just* propagated to the screen as I was clicking -- changing the one item I was hovering over and moving it down the list (to a place where I could no longer see it, as it happens, even though it was actually the correct choice) so that I ended up clicking on something else entirely.

Just... why.

Don't do that.

Nextcloud desktop client gives errors during sync, but very unhelpfully:

1. You can click on the folder icon to browse to your local copy of the file at issue, but:

1a. There's no hover-text to indicate that you can do this.
1b. There's no visual feedback, when you click, to indicate that something is happening. (Sometimes, nothing does.)
1c. There does not appear to be any way to configure which file browser is used. It apparently uses the system default, but this is only updated when the app starts.

2. The messages are very uninformative and often unnecessary.

2a. e.g. item #4 -- why is this even an error? If the file is supposed to be ignored, then *ignore it.*

2b. Many of these turn out to be empty folders, with no other evidence as to what the problem is.

2c. "Access forbidden" -- access forbidden *where?* Locally, or on the server? (It often turns out to be a permissions issue in the server's file repo.)

cc: @nextcloud

Caja (file browser for MATE, generally better than Nautilus, Dolphin, Thunar):

1. Does not give destination files temporary names while copying is in progress.
2. Does not provide an option to verify-after-copying or even just compare-these-folders (you have to run a separate app such as kdiff3, not included, and re-navigate to the folders in question) if a copy operation is interrupted in the middle of a file, there is no clear indication of whether you have the whole file or not.

#2 at least is a problem with just about every file-browser in existence -- and yet the problem of files being incompletely copied is also quite common. .

Also, why is copying via browser so much slower than rsync? Why don't browsers offer an option to use rsync for copying multiple files?

The whole time you have Spectacle open, it apparently keeps a cache of the filesystem.

KDE does not provide a way to refresh file listings (typically right-click -> refresh or F5).

So if for some reason you need to add a folder from outside of Spectacle for Spectacle to use, you have to close and reopen Spectacle before it can see the new folder.

(In this case, I wanted the folder to be a link to my screenshots folder in Nextcloud, and the dialog doesn't provide any way to make a link.)

: mobile apps that don't let you configure OR EVEN FIND OUT where the files you create are stored. :kestraglow::scowl:


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