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Apparently is bollocks at delivering PDFs:

I've modified the post about Note #1 so it links to a better download:

Okay, so there *were* over a hundred notes I received from .

I was dreading looking in binder #2 because that was when things started going wrong.

I won't know exactly how many until I've finished scanning them all, but I'd guess it's somewhere around 110.

<goes and re-renumbers everything to have 3 digits again>

Should I put up the first note now, or wait until this evening?

It feels momentous.

One squirrel says I should wait until October 15, which would be the actual 37th anniversary of the note, but I don't want to get locked into being in sync with the original dates.

I got clearance from two surviving Goresum Foursum members yesterday, so moving ahead with the project. I posted this link just now on FB, G+, and birdsite:

This has been re-scanned now (I could digress about the technical reasons why the original scans were crappy, but I'll spare you):

I'm planning to write a lot about these notes, and posting them as Patreon public payload posts ("4p", for my 2 cents worth) (...meaning they'll be Patreon payload, but you can read them without being a patron).

Here's the intro post:


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