Happy Birthday, -Ghost 🍰
(today would be her 54th)

@Harena's eldest recently rescued several boxes of family photos from H's mom. I've only had time to go through a few of the envelopes in one box, but these photos particularly took my breath away.

There's also a nearly-complete sequence of school photos here: wiki.hypertwins.org/Category:J

You'd think that a program which describes itself as a "virtual lighttable" would let you REARRANGE PHOTOS.

"buuut NOOOOOOO...." -- John Belushi

(I have a bunch of 's school portraits scanned in now. Some have years on the back, some don't, and I'm trying to put them in order so I can figure out the years for the ones that aren't labeled.)

Also: I'd like to have a Word with devs who write GUI apps that don't provide any right-click menu. **, I'm looking at YOU.**

@Harena and I are gleeing and totally flashing back because the mall in Stranger Things 3 is OMG TOTALLY SOUTH SQUARE MALL. Like, EVERY DETAIL.

Except the logo for Sam Goody's had records for the "o"s.

...and wasn't at South Square. South Square's two record stores were Record Bar and Camelot Music.

(My sister was classmates with one of the daughters of the founder of Record Bar.)


(For those who don't know, the fictional Indiana town in which ST is set was heavily based on Durham, where the Duffer Brothers grew up. ...they were born the year before I first left, the year was found, the year WQDR switched from album rock to country... it wasn't a good year.)

In celebration of 's 53rd birthday today, I've finally written the commentary for Note #11:


On to Note #12.

memorial date missed 

Oh hecking heckitty-heck, I just realized that this past May 20 was the 35th anniversary of 's disappearance. I was going to commemorate it somehow but suddenly it's 2 weeks ago.

Like everything else, I guess.

πŸ•―πŸ•―πŸ’”πŸ’šπŸ˜’πŸ’œ:scowl: :heart_ace:πŸ’•πŸ•―πŸ•― 

PHOTO: in England in 1982, just today recovered from ancestral archives by Mel (@Harena's eldest, who was also the one who found my Jenny memorial web site in 2001 and told Harena about it and the rest is history).

J did all the photo-album arranging and lettering; this picture is captioned "Step into my TARDIS?"

whining, really; death 

tfw you're looking for possible letters from a recently-dead friend and you come across UNDISCOVERED LETTERS from the other hugely-important dead friend that you've been mourning nonstop for three decades...

I'm sure you've all had this happen to you, who among us hasn't, etc.

I'm actually very pleased, in a sad way. It's just... I hadn't even realized HOW MUCH CORRESPONDENCE we'd had after we were "no longer friends".

Messes up my numbering, though. <grumble>

So, this is a thing @Harena's therapist pointed us at today: clintonpower.com.au/2012/07/wi (ignore the unfortunate domain name)

I think I must be a wave at the core, with a fairly thick overlay of anchor and a strong undercurrent of island.

All of the people I've felt close to (starting with ) have had a strong sense of justice (I think that's a large part of what I gravitate towards), and that's where my "experience [of] justice, fairness and sensitivity" have come from.

This tree (in the parking lot at Sandy Creek) always makes me think of , when it's bare. It's more complicated and hierarchical than the ones she drew, but if you look at the branches they're very reminiscent of her style.



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Highlights from Note #10, part 1: they all have token boyfriends, which proves "we're just normal gals": wiki.hypertwins.org/Woozle/Jen

Admitedly, C went off and married a guy and had kids... but I still think it's a bit unfair to call any of them "just normal".

I finally got a pic of 's conch shell mobile

I also got a story from her mom, which I hadn't expected:

J was about 14 or 15, maybe younger. The family was at the beach; others were collecting pretty, whole shells while J was collecting these "ugly, broken" shells. When it was time to pack up and drive home, they asked her "are you really going to take those?" and of course she said yes.

...and then some time later, this is what emerged as a (Christmas, I think she said?) present.

I covertly took a picture of one of 's paintings today.

I tried but failed to covertly take a picture of the conch-shell mobile she made.


I dunno if I posted Note #9 here (probably did), but I finally officially reshared it on G+ and FB.


I mentioned Natalie's funeral in the reshares on G+ and FB. I'm actually feeling more disturbed and sad about her death than I did about the death of my then-closest friend, Tigger, in 2003. I was probably just numb, then... but also that wasn't suicide, just brain cancer and a long decline, which... makes it less horrible?

tfw when cancer is less horrible.

Note #10 is 14 pages long, and there's a lot to talk about. I feel like maybe I should break up my comments into multiple pages or something.

Note #4 is finally done! wiki.hypertwins.org/Woozle/Jen

I ultimately didn't get explicit permission from C; I sent her an email last Tuesday, didn't hear back, and then sent another one yesterday afternoon noting that I was probably going overboard asking for permission for this kind of highly incidental mention and that I'd stop bugging her with requests unless it was a major mention. ...then waited until this morning, just in case she objected.

I suppose I should do a Patreon post now...

Reorganizing old photo / image archives, I just now came across this by .

It seemed a rather Mastodon kind of sentiment. ^.^

I've written up Jenny Note #3: wiki.hypertwins.org/Woozle/Jen

The Patreon is here, for those who can do that sort of thing: patreon.com/posts/14976569

...and apparently I'm behind on Medium, because I haven't yet posted Note #2 there (may be tricky because of the photo). I have to go work on the attic vent now, so it will have to wait.

I'm feeling like I want to post about emotional stuff (e.g. reactions to notes as I'm scanning them) but I'm also thinking that many people who follow me probably wouldn't want to read that stuff, so I should probably make it a separate account.

The question is, is there anyone who *would* actually want to read it?

(Maybe I should just do it and see?)

(Or maybe a lot of people follow me *because* of my random emotional stuff? I have no idea.)

Web (Medium) version of my post about Note #1: medium.com/@Woozalia/jenny-not

I'm hoping that maybe people haven't been reading the other one because I posted it as a PDF instead of in-browser?

(Patreon's formatting limitations make it difficult to do this kind of thing as a Patreon post; Medium is only *slightly* more flexible... maybe I should just give up with commercial sites and put it on the wiki, but I keep hoping there will be an audience.)

Anyway... feedback?

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