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Now it's time to get more lumber for the shelves, so we can actually put stuff in it.

misgendering; selfie with eye-contact 

tfw you respond "yes" to the question "are you Mr. { @Harena's last name }?" because it's correct in the context of the information the cashier is looking for, despite being factually wrong on both counts.

Arrived home from our travels last night, after a blown tire and some worrisome engine noises.

We had a good time, though, and @Harena scored some totally excellent pot in New York.

Pictures from the drive up here on Wednesday:

They finished fixing the car yesterday. In other news, consumer credit is seductively convenient... and I will be somewhat urgently looking for more programming income in January...

We leave for Durham tomorrow morning, as early as we can possibly get going.

~~ Julie contemplates the future ~~

~~ hopes it has warm and also cuddles ~~

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~~ Julie gazes mournfully ~~

"When are you gonna stop taking photos of me and get back to the skritches? Priorities, *please*."

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~~ Julie snuggles my laptop ~~

Julie is very snuggly. She has slept with us both nights so far, and is basically just a large cuddle-toy that finds warmth and occupies it.

<steps in front of camera>

Hi, I'm Woozle, and I work for the Soft Toys Division here at the East Coast branch of TootCat Cybernetics Corporation. I hope you're enjoying our wide assortment of Soft Toot Cats!

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~~ a cat, having decided that all is reasonably well with the universe, resumes her daily life ~~

(Her name remains Penny to this very day.)

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~~ from deep within the clutches of @Harena's tentacle bag, a cat ponders the mysteries of the universe ~~

(Her name is still Penny.)

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~~ Seamus in even more repose, for those who like that sort of thing ~~

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~~ Seamus in repose, tired and shagged out after his exhausting attempt to use social media ~~

~~ a cat, attempting to toot ~~

(at the place we are staying)
(his name is Seamus)

It seems very likely we need a CV joint replaced in order to get back home. This may take time and cost money.

Fortunately, both of our appointments next week are easily cancellable, so we can stay here longer if needed -- and we're staying at a friend's place, so no significant extra expense will be involved.

We are now in Big Flats, NY.

It's been a long day.

It's a foggy morning here at the Davie County Pokéstop and Rest Area.

The real driving challenge will be on the way back, though -- traffic is always heavy Sunday evening after Thanksgiving, usually accompanied by multiple traffic jams.

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