Shouldn't it be, like, illegal to decline a bank account application without explaining why?

It seems to me that this opens the door to perfectly legal discrimination against folks who normally would be legally protected.

This has happened to one or more members of our household with two different banks now (Chime and Simple).

We were trying to find a better replacement for Simple, which is closing down soon, but apparently Chime isn't it.

cc: @Harena @eryn

I feel like this should be a socialist slogan or something.

dark evil humor re aristocide 

I mean, I'll admit it's kind of a clever idea -- get all the rich retirees in once place, create a superspreader event which they'll spread to all their rich retiree friends -- and the only people who would care are the ones who don't believe in the pandemic anyway, so you get away with it clean. No guillotines needed, and it's self-selecting for willful ignorance.

I don't know if it's enough to really make a dent, though.

[Context: We used to get these regularly before the pandemic -- they're always for the purpose of attending some kind of information session on managing your finances and retirement, that sort of thing.]

me snarking on Nextdoor 


Tony Bolony:

Uhmm. I am running away from censorship platforms. Is this a safe space bubble?


Don't worry, you're completely unsafe here. We will do our best to ensure that you feel threatened and microaggressed at all times.

Please let us know your preferred insults, and whether there's any particular unpleasant content you'd like to be exposed to without warning.


Chief Agitator
The Thought Mafia

Tony Bolony:

I like Woozle Staddon already 🤣


Is it wrong to give a masochist what they want?

I've finally got a working turntable again, after nearly a decade.

Finding specific parts used to be a lot harder. It needed a new drive-belt, and those are rather particular. A large rubber-band won't cut it (yes, I did try).

I may be playing music in the office more now. >.>

2020, 24* hour s to go-o-o --
I wanna be sedated!

...but then I woke up and it's still 2020.

* more like 38, but whatever

It was confusing as fork, but I think I finally managed to get ownership (rather than just having some admin control) of the domain -- just in time for the 2nd anniversary of my adminship. Woot!

I wonder if I can get "phone phobia" entered into my official medical record, preferably in the "contact" part.

So, this is an example of the way in which my brain functions.

When @Harena's mouse-holder broke, my first thought was that although trying to just glue the two pieces together directly would be basically useless, gluing something flat and hard along the underside to hold them like a splint could actually work pretty well.

I went down to the basement thinking I might find a small piece of wood or plastic to use -- but I also had vaguely in mind this small piece of metal I used to have, which I think I salvaged sometime around 1980 from a broken dictaphone I got at a flea market.

Not seeing any suitable wood or plastic bits around, I thought I might as well look for the metal thing.

I pulled back the dust-curtains to get to my plastic component drawers, found the one labeled "misc mechanical bits" or whatever, and... there it was, exactly as I remembered it.

I might not be able to remember where I set something important down half an hour ago, but a miscellaneous piece of metal I set aside 40 frickin' years ago? NO PROBLEM!

a dogwood tree out back, only slightly enhanced to compensate for the low light

In what conceivable way is this list being sorted by date?

(If I click on the header so it's sorting down, I get the same April Island towards the bottom instead of towards the top.)

The days within October aren't even in order.

(For anyone who's curious, here's the clusterfork I'm currently trying to fix:

The inspiration for the parody -- @Harena got a copy of this message too. It warns that we need to re-validate an email account on one of my servers. Harena noted that this kind of email (which we receive a lot these days) is painfully transparent because "I'm my own sysop".

My brain, of course, was all "button-push challenge accepted!"

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But whoa nelly, just look at all that sophisicated and somplex wiring underneath! You'd have to be some kind of genius wonder-kid to figure that out!

Wonder how ol' Tom Swift is doing; he might know... is he using that that "Insta-gram" to transmit his Wizard Camera photos across the country now? Maybe he could jigger this contraption up. (Is that the phrase the kids are using nowadays?)

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Maybe I can use it to test the tubes in this here radio. Might be nice to have some music to listen to.

I hear these days they have intertubes for music. Do they have those at Radio Shack now?

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I was cleaning and rearranging the small attic today, and came across this which I vaguely remember acquiring from somewhere maybe 15 or so years ago.

It used to be that every Radio Shack had one of these.

Also, there used to be a thing called Radio Shack where you could go to buy electronic components, in pretty much every town of any size.

Also, we didn't used to have to wear masks to protect from the coronavirus. Those were the days, eh?

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