Mama always told me not to go out to the end of a li-iimb --
but Mama! That's where the fruit iiiiiiiiiis!

- we've had these clementine plants for years, ever since Benjamin saved out the seeds (maybe a decade ago?) from a clementine he'd eaten and declared that he wanted to plant them.

@Harena sprouted them and left them on the kitchen window sill until they got too big, and then we moved them outside...

...and now we need to bring them inside every winter, where they get in the way but also make the hallway a bit like a jungle, which is actually kind of nice.

For the second year, we're using the smaller one as our Saturnalia tree.

This one is a switchbox for loudspeakers (up to 2 pairs). There's a switch to reverse the polarity of one side (in case you wired it wrong, or aren't sure and want to compare) and volume controls (this was by the bed where I could reach it; the amplifier was across the room) and headphone jacks.

...I actually don't remember how *all* the switching worked; I just remember that it was definitely for *speaker*-level signals, not line-level.

Also, I used bundled phone-wire cables (soldered to DIN-5 plugs) to carry the signals.

This seems like a pretty good representation of how I experience communication in general.

This ended up being a surprisingly cool photo.

(This page has the one other photo I took of those and also links to related categories: wiki.hypertwins.org/2019/11/05)

...why yes, apparently I have been all this time! ...though not quite the way you thought.

Happy Birthday, -Ghost 🍰
(today would be her 54th)

@Harena's eldest recently rescued several boxes of family photos from H's mom. I've only had time to go through a few of the envelopes in one box, but these photos particularly took my breath away.

There's also a nearly-complete sequence of school photos here: wiki.hypertwins.org/Category:J

Reposted on Twitter...

A friendly on Discord suggested that anyone who posted this meme on Mastodon would get "so cancelled"; as an instance sysop, I felt this was an obvious opportunity to use my privilege...

...and then I noticed that the original Tweet was gone, and the poster (AntiFashGordon) had no posts between Sept. 29 and Oct. 25,...

...when he says "Thanks to everyone who reached out while I was suspended."

Obvious conclusion: Twitter suspended him for this. (I've asked; will let you know if I find anything out.)


"suspended" Tweet: twitter.com/AntiFashGordon/sta

Okay, @helpers , I'm having a bit of trouble understanding what this message actually means.

I'm installing the latest Friendica but trying to connect to an old database, which obviously I need to upgrade -- but apparently the web installer won't even connect to it because it's "in use". What does that mean, technically? Where are the instructions for upgrading the database? hav not bin able to find...

Two people just randomly reshared this meme that I posted on Farcebook 8 years and 2 days ago.

I suspect an algorithm at work.

(It's a slightly corrected version of a meme someone else had shared -- there was a spelling error or something, and the layout was sloppy.)

I love it when I search for documentation about a feature, and the first two pages I find cannot be accessed, because of two completely different server configuration issues.

Hey -- need help with server maintenance? My rates are extremely low right now... >.> @support


There are no problems with the official story in Ba Sing Se.

(CW: skyscraper with smoke)

The Future Liberals Want


(ethical dilemmas for the modern world: "do I CW this and make it non-previewable on Discord, or *not* CW it and risk triggering someone?" Let me know if the latter happened...)

photo taken at scrapexchange.org/ August 28

So, @ConnyDuck -- there's a subtle problem, let's call it a conceptual design issue, with the filter options on .

I kinda agree with @eryn* that:

1. just being able to see one iteration of replies isn't enough to enable keeping track of conversations
2. social media as a *communication* tool is why we're here on Mastodon
3. ...instead of Twitspace or Fazebook, where social media is viewed more as an attention-absorbing, click-aggregating tool
4. ...which is the kind of thing that only being able to track one iteration of replies *does* tend to support.

TLDR: "new mentions only" kinda supports corporate thinking, where "all mentions" is more user-empowering.

* thread begins at toot.cat/@eryn/102654275634860

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