I just wanted to take this moment to commemorate the fact that I am finally closing my pinned Google+ tab.

(You may have noticed it takes me awhile to let go of things sometimes.)

State Farm wanted to know how I'm using each of my vehicles.

I decided to be completely honest, since none of the options they gave (top part) matched how we actually use them.

Under each car, I've pasted:
1. My answer to the question about how the car is used
2. My answer to another pair of questions on the back of the form, about mileage.

slightly damaged fortune -- does anyone know if they still work in this condition?

...and while I'm snarking about web ads...

...I'd like to comment on the text here.

Is it only marketeers who don't get that if you're helping members of some generic group "stay competitive" with each other, you're not actually helping any of them?

...because for every entity you help to compete, you're also stiffening the competition?

...or are they helping universities and colleges compete against, I dunno, kindergartens and elementary schools?

I'll admit, it'd be nice if they were helping universities and colleges compete against Fox News and/or other right-wing media. That would actually be useful.

But somehow I doubt that's what they mean.

I can only think they're just fueling an arms race, and trying to make it sound like a good thing.

Sylvester McMonkey McBean, but with investors.

I love how Google Fiber keeps telling me I can sign up for their service, but when I go to the sign-up site it's not actually available in our neighborhood yet and they won't give an ETA or even show a map of current progress.

Way to go on transparency, Google. No wonder people love you so much.

~~ Misgendering du Jour ~~

photo: me about 5 minutes after being called "sir"

To be fair, I think the waitperson recognized us (me & @Harena) and was carrying forward her pre-transition gender assessment.

(photo CW: selfie, eye contact)

Would this make a good t-shirt? Is it funny, or is the cueing not right?

This came in the mail yesterday.
(CW: selfie, one-eye contact)

reverse innuendo (cw: pornspam) 

Also, I am a !

(I'm actually holding that thing up with one hand, even though it somehow doesn't look that way.)

CW: small selfie with eye contact

Like a graying hound from the smoldering pits of heck, my first album hath been released!


It should be on all the major services (I've linked a few on that page) -- let me know if you can't find it.

Also, links to its presence on additional services would be most welcome.

<clears throat>
...oh wait...
<un-clears throat>

(thanks to @Harena for providing the necessary prop and being willing to pose for this dumb joke)

selfie with eye contact 

in the car with Mel
at the rest stop halfway to Asheville
waiting for the Pokémonners to finish

Ha -- there are still traces of Google+ in existence, if you know where to look.

This is from plus.google.com/apps/activitie (only works if you're logged in)

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