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I have questions...

* Does it come with a tool for converting my old analog air?
* Will it fry all of my air, or just the air I've digitized?
* Does it use DRM so I can only use their brand of air?
* Has it been tested to make sure it won't install a rootkit that gives it control of *all* the air?
* (most important) Can it be gendered? (I need a pink version that's safe for my daughter to use. I'm sure you understand.)

...hhheyyy, what are YOU doing here? Aren't you supposed to be in Congress or the White House or something??

duck duck duck goose goose
(everyone's favorite childhood game)

Harena's comment about G+ made this image come to mind (crudely drawn and hastily post-processed).

image CW: death symbolism

It is finished.

It was still working this morning; I posted several times and interacted with a few people. ...but then I had to go out, so I couldn't ride it all the way down.

I found my paranoid-file-copier program! The UI seriously needs work, tho...

For some reason, I've had this Python sketch running through my head a lot today.

Not sure what might have caused this. 🤔 :pip:

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We art hoam for the everning.

Photo: not quite midway through the trip, before lunch. (It's ok, I was able to extinguish my hair.)

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Now it's time to get more lumber for the shelves, so we can actually put stuff in it.

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We seem to have a bit of a disagreement about how long the battery will last at 98% charge.

I kinda don't think I believe either one, tbh.

I think I have a drinking problem.

(It's just been that kind of day.)

Arrived home from our travels last night, after a blown tire and some worrisome engine noises.

We had a good time, though, and @Harena scored some totally excellent pot in New York.

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