I can't help wondering if this would fetch anything on Ebay these days.

My (English) grandmother, who was a huge royals fan, sent it to me when I was a kid. (...and I never even learned to smoke... such a waste.)

I can't decide if this was intended as a way for smokers to express their disdain for the royals by stabbing out cigs in their faces, or if it was just assumed that of course it was purely for display purposes, or if royals-fans would actually use it but just ignore the symbolism.

...or maybe the makers didn't care, figuring that people might buy it for any of those reasons.

There seems to be absolutely no way to turn off this notification -- and I get it repeatedly, even when I'm just sitting still.

Umm, can we do something about this, ?

It wouldn't let me save unless I checked one.

What's the gender of my vocals when:

  • I recorded this before transitioning
  • the singing style was modeled off a known male vocalist
  • ...but I identify as female

More to the point, though -- artists exist.

...and now it's time for another exciting edition of...
Spot The Non-Spam!

Sex or politics -- you decide!

This seems a bit evil, actually... but maybe I just haven't woken up yet.

Helicopter parenting for the digital age -- now with even less consent!

This is the second time they've sent me this email, and it's still wrong (on two counts, even -- the speed they say I'm getting now, and the speed they think I was getting before).

I responded to the previous email but never heard back. I've responded to this one too, and included my account number.

Does anyone know an email address at that actually gets answered?

I don't want to put a lot of time into this, because 100/12 has been fine for our needs, but it's still kind of galling.

"Too many open files"? Why, exactly, do you have all those files open at once, ?

Glad you could finally get around to actually synching stuff after only, what, 2-3 days of "checking", though.

Being spammed with new accounts this morning -- some of them may be genuine, and in any case there's no bulk account-removal tool, so I have to go through these manually :kestraglow:

avocacy? advocadocy? avocado advocacy advertisement?

Did the people who sent these desire an avacado advocacy advertising avocation?

Did they experience much avacado advocacy advertising-avocation adversity?

"I speak for the avacados!" -- no Lorax ever

Oh Emm Eff Gee, how do I stop this thing from printing its entire backlog of faxes... :kestraglow:

So, a long time ago, my late friend Tigger wrote a couplet:

Salvador Dali sits in the alley
painting his circular toes.

Sometime later I wrote a poem around that which I currently can't find, but I do remember that every verse ended with "goes where the omnibus goes". The two verses I can remember:

Salvador Dali sits in the alley
painting his circular toes.
Arthur C. Clarke sits alone in the dark
as he goes where the omnibus goes.

Rabbit and Owl stay inside when it's foul
and never go out when it snows.
Piglet and Pooh, when there's nothing to do,
often go where the omnibus goes.

...but anyway, I found the link to the DALL-E Mini online tool (thanks to @OpenCulture) and was casting around for something to try on it, when it occurred to me...

I hereby present "Salvador Dali sits in the alley, painting his circular toes" by DALL-E, in memory of Tigger (aka Ann Veronica "hedgehogs, dee-dee-dee-dee!" Simon):

So, this account signed up today. I suspended it as a commercial account, but now they're appealing the suspension (apparently there's an interface for this now, which is good):

I am not an advertising spam account, I just moved from mstdn.social... please don't banned my account

GTranslate says the line with the note-emoji in it means "Open "🎵Eighth Note Bakery" in the fantasy world, selling a variety of desserts with wonderful textures and edible effects."

So there's that word, "selling".

Their first toot translates as

I just found out that the beep I sent before can't be imported (gas!

(presumably meant as "(gasp!)")

...and the second one translates as

Hello everyone, the bread has been reincarnated, I hope everyone can request Wuwu through my attention

It seems harmless enough, even if they do mention "selling"... some kind of game?

I'm unblocking it for now, but am prepared to re-block based on additional input.

I'll also ask them to try to explain what it's about.

Well. That's a thing.

does a better job of importing from than does , a Firefox clone.

Me doing test recording on the new - "Killer Queen", up to the point where I got the chord wrong.

So here's a that's been on my mind for some years now.

Whyizzit that all mice now have buttons that cover the entire width of the mouse, from left to right, so that there is absolutely no place to rest your fingers?

With all this talk of repetitive strain injury from mouse-usage, you'd think someone would notice the little problem of constantly having to hold your fingers away from the buttons in order not to accidentally click stuff -- especially with the buttons being as sensitive as they tend to be now (not in itself a bad thing).

I used to think the scroll-wheel was an iffy idea, but eventually realized how useful it is. So, yeah, hurray for that improvement.

But this... .

(Don't get me started about all the zillions of extra buttons most mice have now, especially the higher-quality ones, that I'm forever accidentally bumping into other objects on my work-surface and suddenly I've navigated the browser away from what I was working on and am now on Alpha Centauri or something.)

So... back in February, this guy, who lives down the street from us, announced to the neighborhood listserv that he had a piano to give away. I, quite naturally, volunteered to help remove it for him, selfless opportunist altruist that I am. 😇

After considerable house-rearranging, it arrived this morning. $275 for the mover.

@Harena's 2nd-youngest is out in the living room hogging it now -- I think maybe he likes it, a bit, possibly. We've heard Beatles, "Mad World", REM, a few video game themes I think? These kids and their modern music...

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