Here's another early experimental recording.

The track with the melody (Moog Opus 3 played through key-tuned filter on Moog Rogue) on it got overwritten by another take (a mistake I learned to avoid), but I found a decent cassette mix of it and synched that with another source to give me four tracks to work with for producing the final mix.

Now *wait*aminnit...

If the due date is Sept 28, so presumably the previous due date was Aug 28 (confirmed from looking at previous statement), and I made a payment on Aug 31, how is that late?

Moog Opus 3, digitally enhanced

purchased new in early 1982 or so; now very dusty and mildewy and in need of some TLC

While looking for something mostly unrelated, I came across some old recordings of mine that @Harena had stashed on a hard drive which was backed up on another hard drive.

I think the emotional distance from the headspace I was in at the time has helped me appreciate them a bit more.

This one was recorded on an actual grand piano (but with a tape pre-echo effect) at Guilford College, sometime during the 1982-3 school year.

Why can't I have super-cool dynamic graphical debugging screens where I solve complex problems by staring at the screen for half a second and then going tappity-tappity-tap -- like all the cool kids in the movies do?

(...and, having convinced me of my inadequacy, why isn't capitalism trying to sell me a cure for it that I can't really afford?)

I seem to have got my audio recording setup working again. This is just a bit of piano noodling...

Working on this today. I cut all the 2x4s and then, of course, realized that two of them needed to be an inch longer because of how fiddly details in the corners affect the geometry.

Can someone tell me is going on in when this kind of BS happens?

In the past I've been able to unhide the expanded part of the canvas with something like "fit canvas to image", but that doesn't seem to be working here.

Why does it even do this in the first place -- who wants their image work to be invisible outside of an immovable rectangle??

Here's what I'm working on currently. I need to get this subsystem to play nice with the table-row mananagement subsystem that I wrote earlier.

That latter subsystem was pretty much the first part of I wrote, before it even had a name, and it's been rewritten at least twice. It may need yet another, though hopefully not as major as the previous ones.

Hot damn, I think I finally got this thing figured out.

Will have to do input/recording tests after dinner.

* for late July, 2021

  • Figured out how to make USB-MIDI keyboard make nifty sounds on Ubuntu Studio. Can't figure out how to, you know, record those sounds.
  • Main project: getting Ferreteria working again. I keep redesigning low-level classes, which of course means lots of fiddly work updating all the calls. Why, brain, why. 🧠 πŸ€”
  • Re-repaired left pedal on pump organ: replaced the entire strap this time, rather than trying to attach the new one to the last foot or so of the old one. Hopefully it will hold this time. Required buying very short flathead screwdriver (to fit in the cramped space behind the pedal where the strap attaches), because apparently all of ours have disappeared. Replaced screws with Philips. ...does anyone have repair manuals for a century(ish)-old pump organ? Some of the keys stick, and I don't know how to access the mechanism. (Still looking to see if there's a model number.)
  • Trying to figure out how to rearrange my equipment rack and computers and stuff so I have a place to set up the mixer. There are a lot of movable pieces, some more easily movable than others... and I have another two racks (one half-size) in the basement which I could bring into play if it seemed helpful... but more or less negative space (i.e. it's already cramped) in which to work.

(* yes, this is my first entry; going to try using this hashtag as a way of quickly making notes which I can file properly later, and maybe get help with issues)

is able to receive video and audio from the camera, but won't display video in the main window and there's no video in the recordings.

Any ideas?

...aaand now I've got this happening -- but only in Vivaldi.

Others have confirmed that it seems to be happening in other Chrome-based browsers. The page works fine (albeit sluggishly... when I had the previous deployment working so nicely... 😒) in Firefox and wget, however.

I present unto you another .

just seems to have it in for me today.

...or, in other words, "we don't really know what we're doing".

Password must contain 8-20 characters, at least one upper case letter, one lower case letter, and at least one number. Password must not match the username, contain spaces, 3 or more consecutive letterrs, characters, or numbers (i.e. aaa) or the following characters: " & / < > [ \ ] { | } ~ ^ !

  • Spaces should be allowed and encouraged (it's easier to remember a secure passphrase than a secure password).
  • No 7-bit visible ASCII characters should be disallowed; they increase security.
  • The maximum length should be more like 127 or 255 characters.

The only reason for limitations like this is if you're worried about injection attacks, and that means you're not properly sanitizing your input.

...or even better, this list (on the right)?

The dialog on the left shows the server presenting a file with my new MIME-type. I select "Open with", then press "Browse", then I get a "Select helper" dialog with no apps listed, from which I can get to the dialog on the right by pressing "view all applications".

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🎡 here I am -- stuck in the middle with you 🎡

Fig. 1: an iris getting high tall on in a pot on 4/20

@kestra is 19 this month (approximately) πŸŽ‚ 🎈

She now frequently wants company when going up the stairs.

CW: direct cat eye contact

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