This came in the mail yesterday.
(CW: selfie, one-eye contact)

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Also, I am a !

(I'm actually holding that thing up with one hand, even though it somehow doesn't look that way.)

CW: small selfie with eye contact

Like a graying hound from the smoldering pits of heck, my first album hath been released!

It should be on all the major services (I've linked a few on that page) -- let me know if you can't find it.

Also, links to its presence on additional services would be most welcome.

<clears throat>
...oh wait...
<un-clears throat>

(thanks to @Harena for providing the necessary prop and being willing to pose for this dumb joke)

in the car with Mel
at the rest stop halfway to Asheville
waiting for the Pokémonners to finish

Ha -- there are still traces of Google+ in existence, if you know where to look.

This is from (only works if you're logged in)

(CW: headlight contact)

"So I'm parked over the line. Whatcha gonna do about it, tough guy??"

Seamus says goodbye the morning the leave to return to Durham (aka yesterday morning)

Big Flats, NY -- the American Dream lives on: a chicken in every pot*, a car in every garage, and a cat in every window.

*some restrictions apply

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I have questions...

* Does it come with a tool for converting my old analog air?
* Will it fry all of my air, or just the air I've digitized?
* Does it use DRM so I can only use their brand of air?
* Has it been tested to make sure it won't install a rootkit that gives it control of *all* the air?
* (most important) Can it be gendered? (I need a pink version that's safe for my daughter to use. I'm sure you understand.)

...hhheyyy, what are YOU doing here? Aren't you supposed to be in Congress or the White House or something??

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