Well. That's a thing.

does a better job of importing from than does , a Firefox clone.

Me doing test recording on the new - "Killer Queen", up to the point where I got the chord wrong.

So here's a that's been on my mind for some years now.

Whyizzit that all mice now have buttons that cover the entire width of the mouse, from left to right, so that there is absolutely no place to rest your fingers?

With all this talk of repetitive strain injury from mouse-usage, you'd think someone would notice the little problem of constantly having to hold your fingers away from the buttons in order not to accidentally click stuff -- especially with the buttons being as sensitive as they tend to be now (not in itself a bad thing).

I used to think the scroll-wheel was an iffy idea, but eventually realized how useful it is. So, yeah, hurray for that improvement.

But this... .

(Don't get me started about all the zillions of extra buttons most mice have now, especially the higher-quality ones, that I'm forever accidentally bumping into other objects on my work-surface and suddenly I've navigated the browser away from what I was working on and am now on Alpha Centauri or something.)

So... back in February, this guy, who lives down the street from us, announced to the neighborhood listserv that he had a piano to give away. I, quite naturally, volunteered to help remove it for him, selfless opportunist altruist that I am. 😇

After considerable house-rearranging, it arrived this morning. $275 for the mover.

@Harena's 2nd-youngest is out in the living room hogging it now -- I think maybe he likes it, a bit, possibly. We've heard Beatles, "Mad World", REM, a few video game themes I think? These kids and their modern music...

I knew that I had these, but I had only a vague idea of where they'd gotten to.

I'm still missing a bunch of other mags and books, but at least I'm missing fewer of them now (there were also a bunch of Galaxy mags and a few paperbacks).

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The things you find when you actually look in a box of stuff that you know perfectly well what it is so there's really no point in looking...

pic cw: spiderfren, eye contact

Apparently this is a Dark Fishing Spider (dolomedes tenebrosus) -- found her in the kitchen, but figured she'd be happier with access to bodies of natural water

post: Trans Day of Visibility

(h/t to @cwebber for inspiring the last line)

CW: double-headshot, but no eye-contact

cc: @Harena, who was a trooper in going along with me posting this in hostile territory

So... when this dialog comes up... why isn't there a "compare" button?

Enquiring minds want to know.

I am definitely unqualified for one of these positions.

I'm getting really tired of 's bullshit.

I had this same problem the last time I upgraded MediaWiki. I solved it somehow; I don't remember how. Then there were a bunch of other problems due to SMW not supporting the latest MW, but I managed to patch around them.

Now, finally, SMW issues an upgrade to support the latest MW. "Great!", I think -- "Now I can get all of my pages working properly again!"

So I do the upgrade as instructed, and now I get this:

Semantic MediaWiki was installed and enabled but is missing an appropriate upgrade key.

The recommended remedies (upgrade.php, setupStore.php) do nothing, and contradict statements elsewhere that these steps are no longer necessary.

There is no clear information about how to regenerate the upgrade key, anywhere that I can find. There's only a vague hint that once you know what it is, you can put it in the LocalSettings.php file using the $smwgUpgradeKey setting -- but it's not clear whether that's necessary or helpful or under what circumstances one might do that.

It's also implied that if you run upgrade.php, setupStore.php, or populate­Hash­Field.php, they will put the upgrade key in the .smw.json file -- but they don't explain where that file is found, and I can't find it.

I just can't even. I'd be doing better if I'd written my own semantic data extension.

So this happened... again... (...though this is the first time we've had two at once.)

Usually I take them way back in the woods and let them go, but there were two of them and they were so cute and it's cold (below freezing) outside...

...so I put some paper towels and lettuce and water in a large bucket, and released them in there, and we'll keep them inside for now, at least until they seem more or less recovered. 🐁

MATE System Monitor doesn't show RAM usage per process anymore.

That was, like, useful... whereas the CPU usage column (still present) has been mostly useless for some years now. :scowl:

(screenshot: System Monitor in Ubuntu MATE 21.10, "Processes" tab)

$ self-promo: pol humor product 

This somehow got de-listed, but I fixed it. zazzle.com/annoy_a_republican_

Should I do this as a coffee-mug, t-shirt, something?

I'm rather peeved at right now.

I just upgraded woozalia.com to the latest (MW), and then of course had to reinstall Semantic MediaWiki (SMW) because it isn't just a matter of copying over the extension files (unlike every other MW extension). ...not that there are any instructions for upgrading SMW that I could find; I had to go with the "installation" instructions.

...and this is what I get.

I've done both of the things it said to do... and there doesn't appear to be any further diagnostic documentation on this problem.

Plus the protocol (https://) is missing on the last two links on the page, making them point back to nonexistent pages on my own site which display this same message.

This is all just really sloppy, guys. :scowl:

The real question, though, is: does this job want me?

The consensus has been "no" for many years now.

Does anyone know if there's some way of making the left-hand column wider in ? There doesn't seem to be a way to grab the right-hand side of that column.

For extra points: If you try really hard, you can accidentally grab a track and move it without meaning to. Which is totally fine, since there's no way to time-lock individual tracks (as far as I can tell).

I just wanna know who thought dark-red-on-black was a good color scheme for undecipherable error messages.

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