a dogwood tree out back, only slightly enhanced to compensate for the low light

In what conceivable way is this list being sorted by date?

(If I click on the header so it's sorting down, I get the same April Island towards the bottom instead of towards the top.)

The days within October aren't even in order.

(For anyone who's curious, here's the clusterfork I'm currently trying to fix: wooz.dev/2020/10/28)

The inspiration for the parody -- @Harena got a copy of this message too. It warns that we need to re-validate an email account on one of my servers. Harena noted that this kind of email (which we receive a lot these days) is painfully transparent because "I'm my own sysop".

My brain, of course, was all "button-push challenge accepted!"

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But whoa nelly, just look at all that sophisicated and somplex wiring underneath! You'd have to be some kind of genius wonder-kid to figure that out!

Wonder how ol' Tom Swift is doing; he might know... is he using that that "Insta-gram" to transmit his Wizard Camera photos across the country now? Maybe he could jigger this contraption up. (Is that the phrase the kids are using nowadays?)

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Maybe I can use it to test the tubes in this here radio. Might be nice to have some music to listen to.

I hear these days they have intertubes for music. Do they have those at Radio Shack now?

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I was cleaning and rearranging the small attic today, and came across this which I vaguely remember acquiring from somewhere maybe 15 or so years ago.

It used to be that every Radio Shack had one of these.

Also, there used to be a thing called Radio Shack where you could go to buy electronic components, in pretty much every town of any size.

Also, we didn't used to have to wear masks to protect from the coronavirus. Those were the days, eh?

Can someone plz explain to me why an image scanner isn't an input device that I can configure with the control panel and share over the network??

I was told 15 years ago that Linux, because it separates the back and front end of the scanning process (unlike the way Windows did or does with TWAIN), makes it possible to share scanners over a network -- but every time I've tried to follow the (fiddly, non-user-friendly) instructions on how to do this, it worketh not.

So, I'm trying to finally learn the proper Linux command for looking up DNS records for a domain (and its subdomains).

Example: I want to be able to type
[command] toot.cat and get the same information that's shown in the attached screenshot.

Several leads claim dig is that command, but... it doesn't do what I need, and the options which look like they might do what I need don't seem to work the way the documentation says they do. (I've looked at both the manpage and a page on linux.org; they each disagree with each other and with what I get when I try their examples.)

Any leads?

Found a couple of frens when I went to drain the tarp over the emergency generator.

@Harena says the grey one is a Cope's grey treefrog, and the green one is a green frog.

We definitely hear the Cope's calling a lot, especially in damp weather.

Oh hey, look what I found (while looking for something completely diffferent)!

I'm told that Lazarus is basically Borland Delphi's code, open-sourced (and compiled for Linux). I now have the manuals to determine the extent to which this is true. ^.^

The Thing seems to work!

The good: I tried playing back the tracks for the song I'm currently working on, and it did in fact sound tons better. (When I was playing back with the onboard audio, there were lots and lots of glitches which I was afraid were permanently in the recorded tracks -- but this seems to be not the case. 🎉 )

The problematic:

  1. The output sounds like it has a short-delay echo effect on it. This may have something to do with the fact that the sound system sees the hardware as Dolby 7.1 Surround. and I can't seem to convince it otherwise. Nor do I see any way to select which output(s) I'm playing through.

  2. Not at all sure how to access the different inputs. In CoolEdit Pro, you can select which of the available inputs to use for recording; in Audacity, there seems to be a choice of sound systems and number of channels and I don't know which of these things actually works and which is just showing me fake connections. It will take some experimentation, assuming anything is actually set up right (see item 1).

What do you mean there's not enough room on my desk for my audio interface??


There was a spare internal-sized screw loose. I don't see any possible place it could have come from; maybe it got left inside by the factory, and the owner just never bothered to remove it? Mysteeerious.

Construction seems solid. It was easy to get apart (once I found the correct-sized hex wrenches -- 2 different sizes, 10 screws) and put back together.

I shall probably attempt to power it up tomorrow, unless my life decides to interfere.

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The Device has arrived. It's early -- I wasn't expecting it until July.

It sounds like there's something loose inside, so I'm going to take the cover off to see what's up before I connect any power.

morbid covid-19 audio humor 

So, in commemoration of the US's one hundred thousandth official COVID-19 death today, I made some morbid humor because that's how I roll.

Hoping it will go... viral (sorrynotsorry). Please feel free to spread it among all of your contacts. ^.^
Words and sources are on woozalia.com.
Image credit: watermark says BornMiserable.com (Twitter); credit to @LottieVixen for finding it. <3

...but I got over it.

(photos taken with much help from @Harena 💚 :ferret:​ )

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