Word on the street is...

(Activism is a way of life; teach it to the young, and maybe the world will have a chance after this.)

They just called again, so it's time for another exciting edition of...

Hey babe -- if I said you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me FOR CHARITY?

Hey babe, I lost my phone number -- can I borrow yours, FOR CHARITY?

(In general, I'm gonna try to post a new one of these every time these guys call... until I run out. You have been warned.)

Inspired by @checkervest 's sunrise photo, here's mine from about 2 hours ago.

Hey babe -- wanna come back to my place, FOR CHARITY?​


Someone gave my friend @eryn (Tessa) a hard time the other week for (sympathetically) referring to retail workers as NPCs, i.e. people whose lives are controlled by a system which gives them no real agency -- not realizing that this term had also been appropriated by the Right.

A poster this morning (photo below) reminded me of that incident. "NPC Careers" in fast food, indeed. :kestraglow:​

Tessa is in mediation with some scarybad people right now, as I write. Their wellbeing for the forseeable future depends heavily on the outcome. I hope it goes ok. 🕯️

I was wanting to take #Costco to task over this -- "right to work" being a phrase often misappropriated for anti-union laws -- but then I searched online for the source of this poster, and found that it's actually a pro-immigrant poster from the US Government. I'm frankly quite relieved. I didn't want to believe that Costco was anti-union, but it sure looked bad for a bit there. (Also, they're doing an excellent job of keeping toilet paper and paper towels in stock.)

pol: bumper sticker, annoyance at Dems 

OMG, almost forgot!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TOOT.CAT! 🎂 😹 :kestraglow:​

She be 3 years old today, and still totally adorable... even if she gets into everything now.

cc: @news

I have to wonder if anyone has carried a fifth to Fife over the Firth of Forth.

If they did it three times, then the next one would be a fourth fifth to Fife over the Firth of Forth.

(By then, though, they'd probably get a takedown from the sixth sheikh's sick sixth sheep.)

You wouldn't think a $10 pair of headphones would be super repairable -- but actually, the speaker enclosures are held together with removable screws, and this is the second time I have fixed them.

(The magnet gets separated from the coil. I tried holding it together with packing tape last time; this time, I stuffed it with a nonrecyclable styrofoam packing nern.)

King Crimson sounds really pretty darn good on a pump organ.

Must do some recording.

...which of these is the "web developer" job, again, ?

(Seriously, they're always sending me job alert emails supposedly matching the description "web developer", but maybe only one or two in the list will actually be for anything web. This email, however, was a new low.)

Why does use such a totally weird-ash date convention (dd-mm-yyyy) that is, like, the worst possible combination of the US and EU systems?

And why isn't it _configurable_? Yes there is a date configuration item in config.php, but the format it defines is "'F d, Y H:i:s'" -- which... I don't even know where that appears in the UI. The place where this comes up is in the popup where you set events (screenshot attached), and that's "d/m/Y" (and yes, I've searched the server source repository on GitHub -- no matches).

I'll dive into the code eventually, but... this should be configurable, at the very least.

cc: @nextcloud

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