whining, really; death 

tfw you're looking for possible letters from a recently-dead friend and you come across UNDISCOVERED LETTERS from the other hugely-important dead friend that you've been mourning nonstop for three decades...

I'm sure you've all had this happen to you, who among us hasn't, etc.

I'm actually very pleased, in a sad way. It's just... I hadn't even realized HOW MUCH CORRESPONDENCE we'd had after we were "no longer friends".

Messes up my numbering, though. <grumble>

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slighly sheepish 

Okay, it turns out they weren't undiscovered letters; it's just that I had previously filed them by date-written, and I was looking at date-received when checking for duplicates.

I think this is primarily a reflection of how pathetically wishful I am when it comes to anything regarding Jenny. I so much *wanted* for there to have been more correspondence, even just a little more. A tiny note left somewhere (this has happened). Something newly understood. Anything. :-/

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