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There's such a demand for programmers that anyone with a keyboard and a title is good enough.

Where are all these companies, and why won't they hire me?

Also, does the title have to be hereditary, or do they mean "certification"/"degree"?

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I also hate the way this implies that "easy to learn" is a bad attribute for a language to have.

PHP having such a low barrier of entry for unskilled coders is overflowing with these kind of projects, I think no one is even remotely surprised here.

That should make it easier to find good coders, because there will be many more to choose from.

@woozle i have seen the reverse called something like "Hello-World-fallacy". People claim a programming language or a framework is very good based on how easy it is to solve very easy problems and not how easy it is to solve complex problems.

@Gregor I haven't run into that, though it sounds all too probable.

I feel like there should also be a name for languages/frameworks that make it easy to build apps which depend on far more pieces than are really needed, running up unnoticed technical debt very quickly.

SaaTL "Software as a Technical Loan", maybe... or RTDD, "Rapid Technical Debt Development".

@woozle what a weird complaint to level at a programming language. probably the same people who’d disparage a language like PHP because it’s not fancy and new. i’d rather say that being ‘boring’ can be a substantial benefit.

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