Is there any way to search by user and hashtag, does anyone know? Like... I want to link to all my uses of a hashtag...

Yes, I am the sysop and I don't know this.

[Techbro pops in:] Maybe Mastodon isn't the thing for you...

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@liaizon @woozle sadly this works only for public posts, IIRC.

But yeah, the /tagged option is the way to go. You can also add 9 hashtags to your profile page via which will link directly to their respective /tagged results.

See for an example of this.

@FiXato @liaizon It's fine that it's just public posts -- I have a page on my coding wiki where I post in a quasi-bloglike manner, and I wanted to have some "see also" links for possibly-relevant posts here.

@woozle You know, if you switch to Glitter, everything would be better*

* You'd still have this problem, and probably a bunch of new ones besides. But everything else would be better (for us) because you'd be on Glitter where we could properly monetize you...

Something about blockchain and proof-of-keystrokes? Flame wars are profitable!

@SetecAstronomy So... Glitter is basically like throwing a Molotov cocktail in Jacksonville?

Can I have a blockchain to look at before I make a decision?

@SetecAstronomy So that's a blockchain! ...and those must be some o' them "internet links" I've heard so much about. Kids these days and their crazy hobbies.

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