avocacy? advocadocy? avocado advocacy advertisement?

Did the people who sent these desire an avacado advocacy advertising avocation?

Did they experience much avacado advocacy advertising-avocation adversity?

"I speak for the avacados!" -- no Lorax ever

@woozle I thought avocados are the reason I can't afford a house :D


@brion Admit it -- if you weren't constantly buying avocados, you totally would have 6 figures saved up. Confess! CONFESS!

(something something Guantanavocado)

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@woozle the problem is they're so addictive -- once you eat one avocado, you quickly find yourself eating 6.0221408e+23 of them


I see your Avocado's Number pun and raise you some guac to go with that mole.

...or something like that.

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