I could have sworn there was a library for interacting with terminals in a full-screen kind of way (get width, height; move cursor around; use colors) -- ncurses? -- but I can no longer find it in the documentation.

Did it get moved out to PEAR or PECL or something? Or am I having a Bearenstine/senior moment?

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@woozle I'm fairly certain I saw such a thing at some point ...

Looks like PECL has an ncurses wrapper but it's unmaintained, no idea if it's still working:

@brion Well that could use some updating, then...

(Darn this place for not having a MySpareTimeMart...)

@woozle I need one of those time loops like in Groundhog Day except my git repo carries over each day :P :)

Can we put in a feature request for the Time module of

@brion I was speculating the other day that if time accelerates the closer you get to a black hole (such that for every N seconds you experience, most of the universe experiences some greater-than-1-multiple of N second), then the closer you get to a (still theoretical, I think) white hole, the more time would decelerate... and you could get stuff done faster relative to most of the universe...

Can we get R&D on this? I realize that by the time you get close enough for it to make a substantial difference the tidal-stresses would probably rip apart ordinary matter, but hey -- coders learn to deal with stress, amiright. If you can't stand the heat, get out of the fusion reactor.

@woozle if coders can deal with crunch, they can deal with spaghettification! :D

@brion Looking at the code -- it's all written in C... but Shirley there's nothing in this which couldn't be done in PHP itself? (...thus negating the need for an extension.)

Also, it's trying to do higher-level stuff like drawing windows (presumably using special characters or something) -- where I really just want the core I/O fx...

I'll have to dig into the code later.

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