Beginning to feel, not totally ironically, that the "toast popup" UI pattern is so egregriously bad that it's not just the worst UI design but actually represents some kind of inflection point in societal collapse.

A machine that Toasts at you is a machine that puts no value on you or your time or the quality of your work, and a developer that builds such machines is also a person who puts no value on their customers/users and their time and the quality of their work.

Just grab the user by the collar, block their eyes, and possibly corrupt their work stream, just to say "hey so I notice you plugged in a cable" or "somebody texted" or "isn't this a great song"

Silicon Valley is doing this to the world.

@natecull What alternatives do you suggest?

If, say, a spare keyboard or bulk storage device, or new network interface suddenly popped up ... I'd kinda want to know about it.


If there MUST be real-time notifications, THEY ABSOLUTELY MUST appear in a completely *separate* notification area.


a) visually obscure the current working area of the screen
b) intercept keystrokes or clicks being sent to the current window

Further, as a "message sent" they must keep a history of what was sent and when.

I think Windows is starting to do this last one, but ugh, they always pop right over where I'm literally typing, that's so terrible.

@natecull I agree on your two points here BTW.

ANY popup MUST NOT capture clicks / keystrokes until specifically recognised by the operator.


@dredmorbius @natecull

Gods above and below, yes please, this.

I can't count the number of times a popup has intercepted what I was in the middle of typing, which took my keystrokes as pressing buttons I never got to look at, resulting in some action that I don't even know and causing something to happen which caused me to lose what I was typing.

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