From MediaWiki: EditPage class documentation:

Surgeon General's Warning: prolonged exposure to this class is known to cause headaches, which may be fatal.

Thank you, yes, I am indeed experiencing an existential (fortunately not literal) headache in trying to make this class behave.

It would be really nice if, somewhere (perhaps here?), there was an explanation of how this class is intended to be used... preferably with examples.

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@woozle What are you trying to do with EditPage? The class really isn't intended to be used outside of core.

P.S. my Halloween costume a few years ago was a printout of EditPage.php because it was the scariest thing I knew. There's a picture floating around on the birdsite somewhere...

I'm programmatically generating a new page from a form submission, and I want to give the user the opportunity to preview the result before saving it.

I think I worked out what the problem was, but I feel like I have to keep rewriting how I interact with the API every few years because it keeps changing -- and there isn't really any good conceptual documentation to help me figure out the best-practice way to accomplish any given task.

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