Ever have one of those moods where it just feels impossible to get motivated to do any of the 6,357,201 things that you know you do in fact want to do?

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@woozle yes! and my most consistently viable motivator is... something else to procrastinate on :blobcatcomfsob:

@woozle I get that all the time. In my case it's choice paralysis.

@Phracker2Art I know what I should be focusing on -- or at least I can narrow it down to maybe 2-3 options at most -- but I just can't feel like it's worth the effort.

Tomorrow will be better, hopefully. It usually is.

@woozle More seriously: sometimes you've just got to randomly choose.

Another option is to go through the stack and consciously winnow. Pick stuff you know that you will never do, and which doesn't matter, and just get rid of it.

This gets to an issue I've talked about concerning information overload: cheap, fast, guilt-free information discarding.

There's an analagous situation with time management / management generally, which is cheap, fast, guilt-free prioritisation and/or delegation.

I also think that this problem gets worse as both individuals and organisations / institutions age. With time, an increasing set of messages / priorities pile up, and task the ability of intelligence / executive function to address them.

Something's got to kick stuff back down / out of the queue. And it has to be fast, cheap, and guilt-free.

@dredmorbius It's less a question of choice -- I knew perfectly well what I needed to be working on; my brain just couldn't be arsed to feel like it was worth the effort.

If it had happened a little earlier in the day, the methylphenidate probably would have had time to kick in and counteract it. I probably need to be more disciplined about taking that proactively at the end of the day.

@woozle Yeah, there's that.

I'm pointing out, though, that obligations, whether imposed by self or others, tend to accumulate.

@dredmorbius You do indeed have a point.

Darn creative brain, coming up with interesting ideas 1000x faster than I can keep up. 🧠 :kestraglow:

@woozle ... and I think that the accumulative debt has a strong influence on the behaviour. Medication or not.

Bankruptcies exist for a reason. Obligation bankruptcies included.

@dredmorbius Now there's a phrase. I've been through a few of those, I think. <.<

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