Wait... is there no way to install 7.4 under 22.04? I just need it temporarily so I can upgrade ...


If you upgrade every time there's a new release, it is a huge headache.

If you don't upgrade every time there's a new release, it's a much worse headache.

The upgrades will continue until morale improves.

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@woozle if I recall correctly, there's a big apt repo somewhere that has packages for each of the individual PHP versions for Ubuntu, since a lot of people are extremely slow doing updates on PHP stuff

mastodon.social/@remaster/1082 suggested one. I was already downloading the PHP 7.4 official release just to see how quickly I run into a brick wall in compiling it, and then I'll try the PPA.

@Johannab So you're saying I should suck it up and attempt to apply the Mastodon upgrade rather than get like six versions behind and have to try and apply six upgrades, I guess. HEAVY SIGH.

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