The PHP IMAP library seems very questionable. I think I'd better just write my own.

(This is where you try to talk me out of it -- think of the children, etc.)

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@woozle you could just use a different language, one with a better IMAP library?


That's a whole different mountain to climb. Someday. Right now, I'm really really good at PHP, and rather rusty (at best) with anything else.

That said, what language(s) would you recommend? I'm always looking for informed opinions on what strange new worlds I should be exploring next. (I used to be pretty good with Pascal, enjoyed C++...)

@woozle that depends on what you're doing, but if you're doing PHP, I'm assuming it has at least a Web component

the last time i did anything mail, that was with dovecot, but that's written in C. granted it's very nice C, and pretty good C, but it's still C

@meena Right, I'm trying to do diagnostics regarding client connections to a Dovecot instance. Roundcube (on the server machine) won't connect, but Thunderbird is able to connect just fine -- from one machine, but not another... it's a mess.

@woozle youre only allowed if it requires a new markup language

Tempt me not, foolish mortal... :kestraglow:

...though to be fair, I can't think of how one might use a markup language to interact with IMAP.

This undoubtedly represents a failure of imagination on my part. 🤔

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