Trying to install on our home server, and it is being... weird. Everything's fine up to the point where it tries to connect to IMAP and SMTP, but on those it gets auth failures -- even though I'm using all the same parameters which work when connecting from Thunderbird.

There's no error log anywhere that I can find, which might at least be helpful.

I have to think this is a Roundcube problem, not an IMAP./SMTP problem or a password problem -- but the only things I can think to check are, like, file permissions and writability of the temp folder, and that all checks out.

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@woozle You didn't explicitly ask, so apologies if this is out of line. Any way to up the log level? There looks to be an smtp_debug you can enable maybe?

@georgieboy Possibly? I looked for that, haven't been able to find it -- but I'm in a diagnostic-path-thrashing situation where there are about 5 different possible paths forward -- I keep making a little progress on one and then running into a WTF-wall and switching to another path.

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