Is there interest in being able to receive email with addresses or maybe

(I have further questions, if so.)

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@woozle I haven't tried again since, but when I created an email address with the same username and domain as my Fediverse account a couple of years ago, it almost immediately started to receive an extraordinary amount of spam. I guess these seem similar enough to email addresses to be scraped into every spammer database out there. Maybe better to use the subdomain?

@galaxis That's part of what made me ask: since we fixed TC's email server a few weeks ago, I have been receiving the odd bit of what looks like spam sent to [usernames] Not a flood; just a few pieces a week.

I thought it best to assess interest and feelings around the possibility sooner rather than later, to allow more time for doing things properly (if anything ends up needing to be done).

@galaxis yeah, I'd say that the chosen account name format for Mastodon and a couple of other Fediverse platforms is a bit awkward for that reason.
Another one is that some markup languages misinterpret them as e-mail addresses, necessitating the use of formatting escape characters...

@woozle email is a cause of stress for me, so I'm not interested. :)

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