15 minutes to launch

(See parent for livestreams and links.)

Good liftoff.

About 5 minutes into flight.

Good booster sep.
Good fairing sep.
Onboard video of JWST itself.
First stage still burning.

So, now it's 30 days of deployment ops. Another 300 SPOFs.

Excellent flight so far.

Oooh! Solar array deployed on camera. 2nd stage has cameras looking at JWST. Last time we'll have close-up views for a while.

2nd stage will not reenter Earth, but will be directed to its own liberation-point orbit, well separated from the JWST itself.


@dredmorbius I'm trying to decide if this is funny enough to be worth re-recording, adding suitable documentarian music, etc.

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@woozle Is this you?

It sounds very Douglas-Adamsish.

And yes, it's good.

@dredmorbius Ya, das ist me.

I shall attempt a re-recording, then, at the earliest opportunity ^.^

@woozle Make that the forbidden love child of Douglas Adams and David Attenborough.

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