• Ordered tires from Costco on Nov. 8.
  • Got email today saying they're here, and I can make an appointment at [URL].
  • I make an appointment, but when I press the final button it takes me back to the login screen.
  • When I log in, it asks me the same questions all over again, like I hadn't made the appointment.

Went through that twice. Not sure what to do now.

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@woozle Find phone number and call?
It's what I did when the online "book an appointment" thing for a doctor let me pick an appointment in the following week, but when it asked me to confirm it always asked me to pick another timeslot, with the first available two months later.

@anke I have phone-phobia; phone calls are only for absolute desperation. It would be easier to drive there and make the appointment in person.

...which may be what I'll end up doing; we need to go there on Monday anyway.

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