I hereby declare that "exceptions" should be called "hissy fits".

...or else "throw" should be called "take", instead... but at least right now, throwing a hissy fit about an error feels more satisfying than just taking exception to it.

...because, WTF, my code that I wrote, what are you even doing.

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@woozle in I sometimes did this for debugging:

class Hell < Exception; end

raise Hell
rescue Hell
exception here

@FiXato @woozle Exception handlers should be called multitargeted comefrom statements, because let's just admit treating exceptions as block structured flow control is just as ingenious as Intercal anyway.


// Note, these are not parens, they're U+FF08/9 FULLWIDTH LEFT/RIGHT PARENTHESIS

class (╯°□°)╯︵┻━┻ : public ┬─┬ {
// ...

try {
throw (╯°□°)╯︵┻━┻();
} catch (const ┬─┬& ┬┬) (
constexpr void* ・_・ノ = nullptr;

@saramg ...I probably need to execute that in order to fully get the joke, I presume? <.<

@woozle The joke is just flipping tables in lieu of throwing exceptions. Because throwing an exception already feels like a violent, angry act. Then there's the catch, where you catch the table and set it back down (as a method call). C++ metajoking. SFINAE (Smile Failure Is Not An Error)

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