Media software which assumes you just want it to search all of your hard drives for media and make it all available, rather than asking you where to look (preferably with a nice GUI "open folder" dialog box).

Lookin' at you, music player and also .

I mean, come on guize -- I have a lot of audio and video that isn't really stuff I want on my jukebox. Not because it's embarrassing or anything (though I can certainly imagine scenarios), but just because it's not entertainment.

Scanning through all that could take hours, if not days... whereas the stuff I want to include is only a few tens of gigabytes in a few specific folders.

(Dishonorable mention to , which does the same thing with eBooks.)

@woozle But, but! Don't you know. Everybody says kids these days don't understand directories. Clearly we now have to comply with that stereotype because obviously no one is able to understand them.


@loke Gosh, I don't suppose there could possibly be some reason for that -- like, corporate software is hiding that information from users as much as possible in order to be better able to control what we do and how we do it, and keep people from learning how to really use their devices?

Nahh, that's a silly idea.

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@woozle Yes, where did you get that from? Kids who have been raised on tablets and phones are part of the generation of "digital natives". There is nothing left for them to learn, since they already know everything important.

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