Nominee for the 2021 Buggy Awards, in the Most Useless Error Message category:

Nextcloud, for:

Failed/pending restart (211)

Critics had this to say:

"Restart what? How? Can I tap this thing to retry? [taptaptap] Apparently not." -- Peggy Kass, Aquarian Weekly

"So what am I supposed to restart, and since it's Nextcloud at both ends, why can't it do that automatically?" -- Tom Poston, The New York Times

"Like so many user interfaces I can't understand, Nextcloud left my fingers tapping for more!" -- Kitty Carlisle, Easy Coder

Ladies, gentlemen, and other genders, please remain perfectly still! The software you are using is not written by satanists, sent to lure you into attempting things you already know won't work! ...well, okay, actually it is.

(apologies to TMBG. I'm sorrynotsorry.)

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