Apparently everyone is ok with the fact that the supposedly-open C++ standard is behind a $175 paywall?

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@woozle it's been a long time since we've been ok with anything

They keep using that word. I do not think it means what they think it means...

@woozle from history of programming languages perspective, it does make sense. There's no single entity that owns the standard.

@arjen Then howcome a single entity can charge money for a copy of it?

@woozle it seems that every standard at is behind that paywall. This is so fucked up.

@woozle i wonder if you can get this Open standard for Free.. via Sci-Hub.

@woozle either: no, or, i don't know how to find it

@meena For some reason I didn't see your earlier post! I wouldn't expect to find it on SciHub because it's kind of out of their purview, but I did find at least some info about it on Library Genesis -- -- and there may be downloads to be had, though I wasn't able to find them before moving on to greener pastures.

@woozle greener pastures?
a language with an open standard processes??

@meena "Greener pastures" meaning other ways of dealing with the problem we've been trying to solve.

...and actually, looking at what Kara wrote, she may have found a way to torrent the thing; not clear.

@jujube At a glance, I'm... not actually seeing any good reasons there.

@woozle @jujube That sounds like just about every time I've struggled to figure out how to do something in C++ and found a bunch of C++ masochists on Stack Overflow mansplaining That's What The Standard Says.

@be @woozle Wizards tend to wave off questioners with a swish of their magic wand. Thou shalt not have a peek behind the magical curtain of knowledge.

It's similar to the haughty reply that used to permeate the programmingverse, "RTFM", even though the FM didn't answer the question being asked.

@woozle Read it again. There are costs associated with maintaining standards. Same with IEEE standards that I had to purchase years ago.

@woozle Have you ever looked at the prices of ISO standards?

@jautero Only the one for C++, but I imagine some of them probably cost much more -- e.g. process standards for large industries -- because of deep pockets.

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