There seems to be no way in Google Translate to get romanized spellings; it comes out all Greek to me...

(If I'm going to invent words, I'd at least like to use the same language for all the pieces.)

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@dredmorbius Well, as it happened I found there's already a word (Latin-based, it turns out) for what I was trying to invent a word for, but what I was trying to translate into Greek was "hatred of poor people", and GT was only giving me "μίσος για τους φτωχούς ανθρώπους"...

...except now, NOW it shows "mísos gia tous ftochoús anthrópous" underneath that -- which, while not a single word, at least has all the bits I'd need.

It was not showing that before.

Darn you GT for forcing me to go look it up and find the actual pre-existing word! Darn you to the uncomfortably warm pits of Heck!!

@dredmorbius Deadly levels of savory. The umami of all darnations.

@woozle I can personally vouch for avoiding the 9th Circle of Umami.

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