Can someone tell me is going on in when this kind of BS happens?

In the past I've been able to unhide the expanded part of the canvas with something like "fit canvas to image", but that doesn't seem to be working here.

Why does it even do this in the first place -- who wants their image work to be invisible outside of an immovable rectangle??

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@woozle could you share a picture of your layers?

@woozle I assume you already tried Layer > Layer to Image Size?

@noiob Yep. That's probably the one which has worked in the past.

@noiob Just at a guess, I need to promote the floater to a full layer, then do that...

@woozle that might be it lol

"why doesn't it let me do this thing right now" is also my GNU imp experience

@noiob I'm just kinda mystified by the design-choice of making everything outside the original image-size invisible until you do the right incantations.

...which turned out to be: "to new layer".

So, immediate problem solved. (Larger problem remains of Gimp's UX being compulsively nonintuitive.)

@woozle I'm sure there's a very good reason to allow layers to have different sizes

I can't think of any so it's probably "someone implemented it that way and no one cared enough to fix it"

@woozle For me, GIMP's selection / cropping / masking has never made sense to my brain 🧠

Always struggle with it.

Whereas in Photoshop? It's a breeze. ✨

@matt I can't afford Photoshop, but I do miss PaintShop Pro.

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