We had a brownout this morning, and it took several tries to get my session back. As of now, the bookmark toolbar is still invisible.

...which leads me to a kind of bloody obvious question: Why is there no way to export/import a browser session? The only answer I can think of feels unfairly cynical, but possibly true.

The bookmarks dialog lets you import/export them, and there are extensions which let you import/export the current set of tabs (though typically with some hoop-jumping) -- but as far as I cant tell there's no way to import/export form-fill data, and there's notably nothing at all which packages this stuff all together (so you don't have to remember each of the pieces and do it separately)...

...except the sync feature, which goes through their server and of course doesn't let you manage the data. (...unless you can do that via web UI after creating an account; I've never done that because I don't trust them not to just discontinue or paywall it at some point.)

(Yes, you can change the server and set up your own, but it's difficult and nondiscoverable and apparently not based on some common standard like WebDAV. It feels like they went out of their way to keep all sync activity under their control.)

Even the migration process -- and I think this is not unique to Firefox, though I have relatively little recent experience with other browsers -- only works smoothly under certain narrow conditions. It never bothers to ask you where your files are, so you could import cleanly from a backup or copy; it just assumes you're importing directly from a deployment on the same user account.

Am I the only one who thinks this is... just amazingly bad?

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