So... here's the thing with
(Well, okay, one of many things.)

New tabs like to open at the end...

...unless they're from a link in Roundcube or Mastodon, which I have pinned at the top, in which case they appear near the top.

There used to be an extension called TabMixPlus which gave you control over this, and @Harena says that Vivaldi also does -- but as far as I can tell, neither Firefox nor the Tree Style Tab extension I use (despite all the control it does give you over how tabs are positioned relative to tab-trees) offers any.

I kind of feel like "user-controlled fork of Firefox" should be a top contender for major projects for Software Uprising to tackle, if we ever get enough funding to tackle some major projects.

(...which is never going to happen if I don't ever get around to setting up some basic infra for Software Uprising.)

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@woozle Yeah, Vivaldi has it built in.

It's too bad Pale Moon never panned out, alas.


It's especially annoying on small screens. I open a new tab on my tablet and it just vanishes into the void. Good luck finding it again. It's like a mile away down there.


@SetecAstronomy @woozle And why i almost never do any web browsing on my phone/tablet ;p

@Harena @woozle

One must do something while otherwise occupied on the porcelain seat in the room of personal shame.

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