@brion I don't suppose you happen to be at all vers'd in the arcane wayes of ye MediaWiki Media Viewer?

It's suddenly claiming it can't display images, even though everything else seems to be able to access them just fine, and goggling error messages has so far only led me down a number of faded deer-paths.

@woozle that’s some scary paths ;) i’m not really familiar with that particular bit but i can try to help diagnose if possible!

@brion There's a possibility it's actually an api.php issue -- is that something you're more familiar with? I'm doing a debug-trace-log to figure out what's going on, and... the trace suddenly stops when it tries to get a new ApiMain... mysteeeerious [waggles fingers]. 🎩

@woozle hmm, could be a thing where somethign changed internally to ApiMain and had to be updated in MediaViewer -- are the versions in sync? (We're really bad about keeping old compatible versions synced, so latest is greatest.)

Feel free to drop error details by dm etc, I'll see if I can divine any details.

Well, now (after getting the logging working properly) it seems everything is going hunky-dory in api.php, and I'm back to having no idea what the problem is.

Where would I check to be sure I've got the same versions? The MW I'm running was downloaded from the usual download packager...

(MW v1.36.1, but the MultimediaViewer extension just shows "--" in the version column, so...)

Okay, latest fun discovery: if I make the site public (temporarily), then load the page in a private window, everything works. If I shift-reload it when logged in (even with the site public), however, it still doesn't work.

Gotta go afk for a bit, but.... arrrgh.

@woozle reload vs shift-reload sounds like a resourceloader problem — either a bad entry is cached (might be fixed when you get back) or it’s a differential error (might be traceable at least!). ahhhh computers they’re so fun ;)

@brion I wasn't distinguishing between reload methods; I tried to do shift-reload whenever it mattered... but I may not have been 100% consistent.

The main distinction was:

  • wiki public, anon user: WORKS
  • wiki public, logged in: NO GO

...and of course it's not working for either of those with the wiki private, but I can't test it for anon user because anon user can't see anything at all.

Hmm, I suppose I could try whitelisting that page... not sure what that would tell me, but at this point I'm grasping at straws.

@woozle :( hmm, anything visible in the api requests & responses in network panel in dev tools?

either maybe getting an HTTP error code, or something suspicious in the response payload maybe (like PHP errors in place of javascript?)


@brion I need a quantum computer (and brain) so I can try All Of The Things at once...

No-go with the whitelist. Now testing current official 1.36 release of MMV. Then will see if I can figure out what's going on network-wise (good idea, that).

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